WtF are you up to now? #1

Thought Id send out an email the other day.  An email to some, nay, many of the artists that have featured in these here posts over the last year and a half or so.  I asked one simple question

What the Fuck are you up to now?

I thought it might be interesting to let the people I hassle with my camera speak for themselves for a change on here instead of having my pish in between photos.  That said -I dont do interviews cos its a blog for fucksake.  Its just a bit of fun as Rob Brydon would say (albeit in a more Welsh accent than me)  Here are some of the answers I recieved along with, youve guessed it, photos of the relevant artist/musicians/lovely person.  Some short and sweet – some are more in-depth and will probably get a post to themselves……….

So without further ado

Beerjacket at Brew at the Bog

Peter ‘Beerjacket’ Kelly, What the Fuck are you up to now?

“Thanks for asking.
I’m readying the new Beerjacket album for the studio. I plan to go in around the end of this year or the beginning of the next. 
The songs for this album are really interesting to me. I’m very proud of the last record, The White Feather Trail, and I wouldn’t follow it with something I didn’t feel was as strong.  Similarly, I wouldn’t want to follow it with something too similar either. That said, this isn’t going to be a gangster rap or death metal album. It’s still going to be an acoustic record, but one where I’ve found some new paths.
I’ve had another amazing year. I headlined Tut’s twice during their New Year’s Revolution and Summer Nights festivals, played festivals such as T in the Park and Wickerman, and enjoyed lots of other experiences like a session for Vic Galloway.
I’ll be doing the telly again soon too, which is exciting. It’ll not be on till February next year, when funnily enough, I’ll hopefully have the new album in the can ready to start the whole circus over again.
Cheers for now!

Plum at goNORTH 2012

Shona ‘Plum’ Maguire, What the Fuck are you up to now?

Lol Houdi! Brilliant email.

Well… I have community chickens which I look after on Mondays & Tuesdays. I’ve been reading Tom Robbins ‘Another Roadside Attraction’…which is amazing in a trippy way. Thoroughly enjoyed last Friday night at Liquid Rooms where i saw Too Many DJs. Love everything they do!

I’m releasing my next single (Smile) on 19th Nov with a B-side called Rainbow which was a collaboration between myself & TeKlo, mental dub step/ mash up mental (awesome) music producer. Had a lot of fun making it & really pleased with the result… Also releasing the music video for Smile with it, which was made by Wake Up Advice…it’s really weird!

Just got rid of the earth hum in my studio thanks to some tips from Red Dog Music, so have been writing new material for the first time in ages…hoping to have a new EP out by next Spring.

Working with Jagged Roots Music who are now managing me – a brilliant collective of wonderful creative people – going up to Dundee for a photo shoot next week & looking forward to catching up with them all.

Oh and supporting Saint Saviour at Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh) for Halloween which I’m looking forward to (she used to play with Groove Armada).

Did I answer where I am musically?? I don’t think I ever know that, but do definitely feel I’m headed in a new direction. Always experimenting. It’s fun. Collaborating with TeKlo was totally different to what I usually do & I think different to what he usually does, so I’ve come away with new ideas…not dub step, but just a fresh perspective 🙂

What the fuck have you been up to? ;)x”

Little Mill of HappinessWhat the Fuck are you up to now?

We are writing like mad! New songs coming, should be playing them at November gigs and hoping to record before end of year!

Homework at Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh

Oli ‘Homework’ Kass, What the Fuck are you up to now? 

Mr Donnelly,
Always good to hear from you. Hope the family is doing well. 
Don’t really have any broadcastable news for you at the moment I’m afraid. But…we ain’t been sitting twiddling our thumbs. Twiddling knobs maybe.
There will be a substantial amount of new Homework material coming out next year. 
That’s a promise.

Rory Baldwin

Rory ‘Origami Wolf’ Baldwin, What the Fuck are you up to now? 
I’m playing a gig tonight (20th Oct – its past)  in the middle of a bill containing Joshua James and possibly lots of other people, as Origami Wolf. Nothing else booked.The remnants of the Ball Deep (ie me and Pete) are currently at work on a project that will not be called a supergroup despite containing 2.5 Lymericks, 2 Ball Deepers, a Lush Roller, a Hasbeen and a Hot Rat. Some of them are duplicates. There are only 4 of us. We’ll give you a sneak preview when the time is right.Enjoy the night shifts…”


What the fuck are you up to now….?

On 18 Oct 2012, at 23:18, Al Donnelly (houdi) wrote:

As I’m about to start a long month of lonely night shifts at work soI thought I’d give myself something to do.

This entails me posing the question……

What the Fuck are you up to now?

Be as brief, longwinded, truthful, fibful or just plain wierd as you like. Tell me where you are right now musically and what we can expect from you over the next few (festive) months.   I’ll try and cobble a blog post or two together from it and if I can’t at least I’ll have some (hopefully) interesting reading for nights.  As always its a nice excuse for me to rake through the photo archives and brighten the lives of my subscribers – 3 dogs, a budgie and an Outer Mongolian farmhand called Ulrich.

So..  .

What the Fuck are you up to now?




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