An Acousticy kinda Wednesday……..

I was under orders from the very, very talented Kat Healy to attend ‘the place where they move the tables for the dancing‘ aka Hootananny Inverness to see some dude called Steve Poltz.  Kats a massive fan and happens to be supporting him down Edinburgh way next week.  Kat is the quietest person I have ever photographed – I was scared to press the shutter on the night I saw her with Tuckers Scattered Family at Ceol-Mor as it made so much noise.  I must, therefore, follow her whispered instructions when I am given them (via twitter where there is no volume involved so fuck knows what I’m on about to be honest).

The very quiet Kat Healey

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhoo – still sparkling from a red wine and 3 pints I shall now blether on about my wife and I’s Wednesday night in Hootananny.  (No Black Isle Brewery product was consumed – I’m aff it) .

What a perfectly lovely wee surprise it was to find that recent blog subject Matchstick Maker was supporting the aforementioned Mr Poltz.  I can now exclusively reveal here that Matchstick Makers actual identity is in fact Skye musician Duncan Overmeer – what ?  you knew ?  shite. really ?  bugger.

Duncan arrived just in time for a brief soundcheck and a blether with me which kept him from his only pint of the night before regaling us with songs from both the new Overmeer EP and the wonder that is the Matchstick Maker EP.  What a bloody treat.  Duncans, sometimes soaring, vocal and guitar sounded great from the Hoots stage tonight.  Its been a cracking week for acoustic stuff with Cara and Chris on Sunday and this tonight.  We are very lucky you know !!  We all need to get out more…….

Keeping the acoustic thang going was tonight’s headliner Steve Poltz – the reason for Ms Healeys tweet.  I did quickly say hello and namedrop the Healey one but Steve looked a bit shell-shocked.  America-based Canadians can be affected by the rabbit-in-headlight-syndrome when faced with Wednesday night bevvying in Scotland I’m told…….or when accosted by camera weilding blokes just before you play a gig – sorry – Aberdeenshire accent and a shaved head can be a bit daunting  🙂

I have to apologise to Mr Poltz as we only stayed long enough to hear his first two songs  and excellent as they were (they were fucking brilliant – what a lovely rich sounding voice and guitar that man had) nothing can keep us away from our parenthood/letting babysitters go home duties.  So, alas, we had to leave  Poltz and his happy audience and head for home  – thank you for a wonderful evening gents !

You will notice the massive amount of information I have managed to squeeze into this post regarding each of the artists involved – okay, there isn’t.  Heres where you need to go to find out more or to worship at the feet of Duncan and Steve.  Tried to find some tunes on Soundcloud etc to give you a listen to Steve but none on there – heres a link to whole gigs though – recordings sanctioned by Steve so thats ok then.


Off you go then…………..



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