Hugh was crying? Why ?? No need – there was new music at Hoots !

Cara Mitchell has a voice like Lemmy smoking tar through a scaffold pole with Joe Cocker and she drinks and swears like an Aberdeen docker !!

Noisy Lemmy-soundalike, Cara Mitchell

There Ive said it – its shite but Ive said it.  I do have a history of telling glaring porky pies on here to get your attention and this is another in a long line of bullshit.  Cara Mitchell actually has a voice of an angel – remeniscent of a young blah blah and possibly a something period whos that – I also have a history of not being very good at comparisons.  Fuck it – all I know for sure is that the lassie (for she is a lassie fae Eberdeen…….thats Aberdeen for the non-eberdonians), aye the lassie will most certainly go far and undoubtedly give our Highland starlet, Ms Sermanni a run for her money.  I wont say mark my words but I do hope for great things for young Mitchell.  Shes a wee talent for sure.  (the more I listen the more I hear early Sinead in there……)

More Hoots Images Here

Here is some shite gig reviewing – it was affa good.  Hoots is a bugger to listen to artists speaking between songs so unless you are right at the front you only hear mumbles.  Now , there is no bar right at the front of the stage  – you see my problem here dont you.  I tend to miss song titles although I do know one was written for a friend in need and Im pretty sure it was called Chin Up……..whatever they were called they were all  – each and every one of them – great songs beautifully guitared along to (thats a new word – youll thank me in time).  Dont take my word for it, I mean, why the hell would you, go and give her a listen and a like and while youre doing that Ill gush on about Chris Marr !!

Like Homework, The Whiskys, The Oddsquad etc etc Mr Marr in his guise as Esperi has been a firm favourite over the months of typing shite and posting photos.  Murray Netsounds pointed out tonight that we have now actually seen Esperi live 377 times this year alone.  Unbelievable I know.  Hmm – Ive had a recount and I may have misheard  I believe it to be 4 – Hoots x 2, goNorth and Jocktoberfest.   Everytime is just as interesting, enjoyable, unpredictable and wonderful as the last time.  So so so glad I discovered Esperi and so should you so if you havent stop arsing about and go and do the decent thing and buy his music!

More Esperi Hoots Images Here

My favourite bit at Chris’ gigs is watching the audience watching him.  The looks of confusion/awe/amazement are at the same time hilarious and heart warming.  The guys a genius – my opinion, if you dont like it get tae.

Another wonderful night in Inverness was had while two bald men with two hits were warbling in a cabaret stylee just down the road.  Main stage tho – alright for some !!

Gentlemen, youre time has been…………………….


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