Cherri and Jagers. 2 of your 5-a-day ?

Netsounds Takeover Numero Duo.  I wont muck about, its Saturday night and I have a hangover so thinking up pish to put in here is the last fucking thing I need to be doing.  Cherri Fosphate were bloody brilliant.  Sienna Lights played a blinder and released an EP.  Malky Bee dropped some beats on us.  Many people got drunk including me. All of this took place without the aid of Jamie Netsounds proving that Murray is and always will be the brains of the operation.  Hehehe !!  Here are some photos y’all.  Most of them appear here on the faecesboke page

Cherri Fosphate and that annoying bloody banner

Jonothan & Sandy

Sienna Lights frontman Graham Brown


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