Did Somebody Mention Bar ??

They did but only in the context of the title of this song by Inverness powerpoprockpunkstuff trio, He Slept on 57.

Katy, Bar the Door is the latest offering from the young gents and the entire team here at dontblog tower all feel that it is rather spiffingly marvellous. (that’s still me and Evie then) Go listen, view, like and generally adore.

If you’re not aware of the band WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN ???????  

Sorry.  What I meant to say was…….. If you’re not aware of the band then here’s what their website has to say (if the website could talk……..its writing to be honest but lets not get tied up in the strange workings of my head and other such existentialist shite)

Formed in 2008, He Slept On 57 have battled their way through the Scottish music scene to make a trustworthy and reputable name for themselves at the top. The Inverness trio:  Stuart Nelson, Kyle Campbell and Kevin Nelson – play Scottish guitar-led, indie-pop-rock, throwing open similarities to familiar acts such as LightGuides, The Winter Tradition and Make Sparks. While He Slept On 57 lie securely in this underground scene, they also draw comparisons on a wider scale to Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro.”

Playing locally in Inverness on Saturday 13th at Mad Hatters but also hitting various venues around about and in and out and here and there etc in Scotland during October. For those other dates and more stuff about the baaaaaaaaaaaand maaaaaaaaaaan head on over to their faecesboke page.  Their actual website could do with a kick up the arse by the looks of it and dragged into 2012 but it does have a link to a free track.


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