A Quiet Night For the Odd Squad

Helluva quiet in the Ironworks.  Gutted but I guess a huge amount of possible attendees were up North at Loopallu freezing their asses off.  Och well – can’t be helped and certainly didn’t stop Stanley Odd, ably supported by the utterly brilliant Team Kapowski, from tearing up a storm.  Blair Stewart is the most charismatic frontman I have ever seen and I’ve seen Cliff Richard (Aberdeen Music Hall 1980 – don’t ask).  The man was destined for greatness.  He’d be lost without Andy and Dave though, the other two-thirds of TK – oh how I wish one of them was called Max !!

Andy Kapowski

Blair Kapowski

David Kapowski

Stanley Odd were, as ever, stunning.  Absolutely one of my favourite live acts ever and I’ve seen Cliff Richard (Aberdeen Music Hall 1980 – seriously, don’t ask).  The new album, Reject, came out last Monday to rave reviews from pretty much all the Scottish press and blog sites and quite rightly cos its fucking shit hot.  Plenty of it got an airing last night.

Almost all of the band were either suffering from or recovering from stinkers of colds which were apparent at soundcheck but no signs when they hit the stage – floor actually………Im seeing less and less acts on that stage these days although if the Odd Squad had been on stage last night it wouldn’t have been the intimate wee gig that we had in the end.  Hey though, HEY – nae mair waffly shite from me other than to say nice to see Mags Chrystall there so hopefully some nice words on the Highland News site before long.  I fucking love Stanley Odd – oh, youd figured that out then.

So there’s the photos and of course there’s more of them here on the facebook page.  Feel free to click LIKE while you’re there.  Theres a free gift for everyone who does (NB there are no free gifts for anyone, at all, ever – this is a barefaced lie)

Ooooooooh and before I forget big shout out to SO’s management, Micheal Lambert. Also the Ironworks and CMPS team for allowing me access to soundcheck etc and to all the artists and crews for putting up with me dicking about with a camera (and flash unit).  Thanks folks !!  xx

STANLEY ODD                                                               TEAM KAPOWSKI

Evies new poster and CD – happy hip-hop baby !!


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