Bribery and Corruption with The Galipaygos

Had The Galipaygos round at dontblog Towers this afternoon.  Caught the buggers stuffing copies of the new album in my back door (oo-er) along with bags of cash, drugs and guns (ok 50p, an antihistamine and a peashooter got dropped while I had security eject them from the grounds !!).  Imagine the gall (gal ?) of them ??  Trying to bribe me, ME of all people – a pillock of the community. I used to be in the BB’s you know.  “Give us a favourable review please houdi”  I heard them call from just beyond the perimeter fences outside the office here.  “NO” I replied.  “I wont be bought.  I shall review the new album on its own merits.  Besides, you all still smell of Red Kite and Yellowhammer – go home !!“.  It wasnt pretty I can tell you.  Anyway, new album – let’s give it a whirl shall we…………

Guess what – FUCKING MAGIC !! – you can use that on the posters if you like fellas !!  Love it !!  

This reviewing larks a piece of piss eh.  It’s all about the honesty.

I kept the 50p by the way…………hope that doesn’t constitute a bung……..


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