The Sheepshank Redemption


The 1993 hit ‘No limit’ by 2 Unlimited featurs the word ‘No’ in the official lyrics a total of 65 times. It was UK number one for 5 weeks.  Big fucking deal – its still 11 No’s short of, ah hold on, thats fucked it – its 76 Nots not No’s.  What ?  Ah – no its actually Knots so that entire, rather cleverly crafted, introduction is now shafted.  76 Knots you inconsiderate bastards !!  Here are some knot related public service announcements.

So bloody 76 Knots eh ?  Theyre a bit good.  The latest band around town to ‘borrow’ a member from another band namely Andy McMaster (of the Universe) who also does the guitary/sequency/programmy bit with local Hip Poppers, Team Kapowski.  Yes, McMaster (of Ceremonies) is the bass bastardo in this trio of skatepunk/noiseniks along with  Zander ‘with a Zed’ MacDonald on guitar and the singy bits and  Ben ‘The Drummer’ Reardon is head tub-thumper.

Id missed these guys recently at the Ironworks Showcase where they kinda appeared from nowhere – I think this may have been second gig (if not, not far off it) – but really chuffed I caught tonights gig.  A cracking set of tunes -3 Stories Up, Pain in the Dick, Swallowed and Abandoned, Beef Attack and Watching You among others slowly whipped the audience of mates, family and payday revellers into a frenzy with culminated in the best mosh pit Ive ever seen in Hatters.  Fucking Magic !!   Loads of energy and good honest 3 minute pop-punk trash tunes – not a hint of whimsy, acoustic whineage or downright Mumfordisms among them.  Laaaaaaaaavely !!


Ben Proudlock, Fraser Sanaghan, Kieran McGuckian and Gregor Graham make up the “Mega noisy post rock quartet from sleepy Scottish town Linlithgow” called Penguins Kill Polar Bears.  Ten out of ten for the name – cracking !!   Oh and they do make a wonderful racket !!  Amazing vocal – dont know what it is but it did something to me for sure – listen to Sapling to see what I mean.  I had no idea who they were until now but theyre definitely on my radar now.  And to think I was visiting Linlithgow last week – small world (its not – lots of people visit Linlithgow….).

There was a bit of a clear out of bodies after the local fellas finished which is to be expected but those that stayed were treated to a brilliant set – Lungs, Three Zero Nine, Scarce, In Everything, Sapling, Homebound, Sandcastles, Blunt and Something Old – each and eeeeeeeeevery one a winner !!  I dont give a fuck if any polar bears got killed, lets have them back again as soon as possible…………

Let us not forget that the main reason for tonights EVENT was of course the Netsounds Takeover where local champions of all things unsigned in the music area, Dennis, sorry, Jamie Macdonald and Murray Cameron assaulted our ears and feet with their choices of tunes for before, between and after the live acts.  What a load of shit they were !!

Nah – I jest.  They kept the feet a-movin and the heads a-noddin up until when I left.  I dont actually know how it finished for them cos Im an old man and went home after the Penguins killed the Polar Bears.   I felt that the Netsounders could now be left to get on with entertaining the masses !!  I have it on good authority that they rocked the place, funked the gaff and generally ripped the floorboards up, pooped on North Sea Gas then put the floorboards down all tidy again as if nothing had happened.  Fucking brilliant night – I know what Im doing end of next month !!  See you at the bar !!

Brilliant to see Morrissey there for the Takeover !! hang the DJ……etc


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