Naked Kobi Mill Wolf Sault……….

Short and sweet !!

Ironworks Summer Showcase Number somethingorother.

Naked Red – magic powerpop driven by Andy Forbes strong vocal talents and some solid drumming – I could have watched that drummer all night !!  Cracking wee band !!

KOBI.  Theyre doing spectacularly well gigwise .  King Tuts, Bella main stage, Rockness etc etc.  Theres a definite sense of ‘how the hell are they getting these gigs’ in many quarters but theres no denying the fact that musically they are rather good particularly so tonight with the added funk of The Bad Ass Brass.

The Little Mill of Happiness.   Im still kicking myself for the non-attendance at Bella (oops – next blog post).  If tonight was anything to go by I should be kicking myself square in the shin with steel toecaps with spikes.  They are Inverness’ special child.  They are the only band doing something ‘DIFFERENT’ to the norm !!  No offence to the rest of you out there toiling away – fact is TLMoH are just making noises that Im not hearing anywhere else right now.  I have now forgiven the members for me not having any new Shutter, Lush Rollers or Lowtide in my life.  Little Mill are the future.  More power to them.


A woefully under publicised gig by one of the NEXTBIGTHINGS in Scottish music was next on the list.  Ok theyve been on the go since 2007 but THIS would appear to be going to be their year.  Meursault / Moresalt /Meersalsh / Merstalt – there were many different pronunciations kicking about last night.  They were brilliant.  Ably supported by our own Rory Origami Wolf‘ Baldwin.  It would have been criminal to have missed this – even Radio Ones Ally Macrae was in attendance.

Ally Macrae & Neil Pennycook

There – short and sweet as promised…………enjoy the photos !!  More from Mersault gig HERE

Origami Wolf


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