Belladrum 2012 (#1 in a series of many, many, many……)

Yup – thats it past again.  Another triumphant, pant-wettingly wonderful Tartan Heart Festival down Belladrum way.  2012 by all accounts has been a helluva lot of folks favourite Bella so far.  It had everything from Scottish rock royalty to blisteringly perfect festival weather.  Even the rain came as if on cue for Fran and the chaps on Saturday night.  Head over to the site and fill in their questionnaire.  Have some ROADWAY to keep you company while you do it.  Arent I nice ?

This is the first of many Bella posts and this one is basically to tell you that the Bella posts will come in dribs and drabs in a staggered manner in bits and peices over a period of time either long or short but there wont just be one actual post about it there will be a few appearing at different times.  Clear ?  Excellent.  Theres just so much shite to talk about it so I will take my time over it.

A Fat Bastard hangs with Team Kapowski

Head over to the facebook page HERE as the photos are slowly appearing on there at the moment……….

Aphex Twin made a surprise appearance to raise money for his next album by glass collecting – good man !!


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