Back to the Future Part 4: Mcflys Undone

So Ironworks Summer Showcase #3.  My first attendance of this session of the showcases.  I’m afraid I’m just not excited about them this time round.  I may be all showcased out – Summer 2011, Winter 2011, Easter 2012.  Time for a new format ? – something different ? – I dunno.  Hard work getting 12 Thursdays off when you’re a shift worker. (is it 12 ?)  Like I said, I’m not that bothered this time round but that’s just me of course.  I will attend a couple more no doubt.

Anyhoo – last nights one.

On arrival I had an interesting chat with the Bull family and learned that Mama Bull used to be in a punk band called The Possessed.  She was the drummer.  Son Micheal commented that it was a shit name for a band – I reminded him he was in a band called Last Summer Effect…….Micheal being the drummer and brother Stephen Bull,  the bassist.  Im a cheeky so and so – tsk tsk.  Mike didn’t disagree  😉 Dad Bob Bull of HEN Stage fame is also a bassist – we could be on the way to having a Highland Partridge Family thang going on albeit a blues/punk/rock/folk hybrid – might work !!  We do like Bob and his lot – fine fowk !!

Emma Mitchell was first up.  I’ve only ever experienced Emma on the Potting Shed Stage with the Strathpeffer Coffee Shop gang but Mrs Houdi came home from an evening in the Market Bar a few weeks ago positively gushing about Mrs Mitchells voice.  Mrs H is never wrong and this is no exception.  Emma sounded great and has a voice that is quite simply stunning.  A confident yet emotional set – she even managed a tear on her second song (don’t ask me titles – I take pictures).  This lady gained many new fans here tonight.  Get over here and have a listen to Emma in action.

A chat with the Whiskys at the front door was cut short by a vision of loveliness coming into view………..I say cut short – gobsmacked was more like it.  I say vision of loveliness – Jamie Mac in pink was more like it, not fucking salmon, PINK !!  Mr Netsounds had come tonight dressed as Vampire Weekend and was absolutely rocking the shit out of that there look !!  Preppy is go !!  Cheryl Cole fan, Murray Netsounds, spent the evening regarding Jamie with disdain – no change there then  🙂

Now at this point I had to do a bunk from Showcaseville and head uptown into the heart of the City to visit the hole in the wall.  Now during a wander up town I always feel that it would be rude of me to not visit HQ aka The Market Bar for a swift half and see whats what in my favourite boozer !!  This unfortunately means that I miss almost all of Last Summer Effects set – they were in full flow by time I arrived back at The Ironworks.  Sounding good – sounding professional.  I have to say though that Chris’ faux American accent on the between-song banter is now no longer cute to me.  Last Summer Effect – they do what it says on the tin and the tin says Alternative Rock whatever the fuck that is.  🙂  Also had a bit of banter with a new local act called Purple David – fine young fellows.

One of these is Pel, the other isn’t well

Last up we had the Whisky River Band – I’m sick of the bloody sight of them.  That is all. Hehe.  Bloody good though eh ?

Another rip-roaring set from the youngsters put smiles on everyone’s faces and had the Head Roadie and Official Photographer doing their now legendary Stage Side Reel – Fraser even bounced over to join in mid-set !!  I’m not going to harp on about the WRB tonight cos it’s no secret that I have a special place in my trousers for them.  Best thing I can do is point those of you who’ve yet to hear them over to their site to have a listen – go on, treat yourself – THE WHISKY RIVER BAND.  (quick mention that Iain Fiddle didn’t appear with the band tonight for personal reasons – myself and all the staff here at Houdi Estates send much love and positive thoughts to him and his)

Those cheeky guys from the pop band LMFAO were in the audience for the Whiskys (or was it Rizzle Kicks ?)

So there you have it – words and pictures about the third Showcase.  It finished and we all went home for tea and cake and an early night.  If only it were that simple.  To the DeLorean, Marty – we’re heading to the 80’s !!

This is where the title of this post starts to gain meaning !!  Them telly folk over at STV (specifically one Nicola McAlley) had organised a Charity 80’s night for the STV Appeal.  The showcase stragglers felt it would be rude not to pop up to show our support.  Vinyl Inverness was the venue and stepping through that door at 11 pm made me wonder which bastard had spiked my last Ironworks beer with 3 tabs of acid !!  Brilliant turnout and everyone in garish 80’s costumes (apart from me, Whiskys and Whiskys entourage).  At least Kris had his mountain climbers hat on – god knows he needed it for the trips to the basement basement basement loos in the gaff.  At one point I actually thought we’d travelled back over to the Ironworks via the Vietcong style tunnel system !!  Anyway – here’s some photos from the event and Id just like to say WELL DONE to Nicola and her team dodgy looking 80’s throwbacks.  First count is £1300 or so which I believe gets doubled by STV.  Sweet !!


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