An Origami Werewolf in Inverness

I miss things.

Not in a nostalgic ‘I miss the 80’s’ kinda way – why the fuck would anyone miss the 80’s.  Hello ?  Thatcher, shit hairdo’s, Miami Vice etc ??  (by that I mean my shit hairdo’s)

No I mean I actually don’t see things – they slip by me sometimes.  Things like Rory ‘Ball Deep’ Baldwins new project Origami Wolf.  Yeah – I knooow (best Sybil Fawlty impression).  When did that happen then ??  Cheeky monkey.  It’s a sly fox is that Origami Wolf.  Well actually, no, it’s neither a fox, a monkey or a wolf – it’s a Rory !

If you’re not familiar with Mr Baldwin here’s a little background on this “dab-hand-wi-a-geetar” kinda chap.

Rorys a singer/songwriter and he playeth rock-tinged acousticalified music.  He’s been active on and off, off and on and then again on and off in the Inverness music scene for the past 17 years.  Past bands featuring the talents of Mr B have been the legendary Lymerick Smith and not so legendary The Ball Deep.  Now don’t take that the wrong way – The Ball Deep should have been legendary but it appears it was a victim of the Invernessbandshavedrummerswhoplayinfifteenbands Paradox causing them to implode to a certain extent.  I know Terry and I both miss them but, hey, we wouldn’t want to be divisive.
Now Rory is setting out on a solo venture – for the most part.  He wants to display some of his less raucous material along with a few covers, a sensitive side and a love for kittens and rainbows (I made some of that up – you decide). Perhaps he’ll find a new band along the way.  I know of a drummer………  He is currently working on recording solo material and is available for gigs.
This is just fucking ficking fecking brilliant !!  I tells ya !!  I do……..
So there ye go – zoomed right under my bleedin radar did the old Origami Wolf – get yourself along to the wolfs lair on facebook and give him a LIKE then treat your lugs to some of his music over at Soundcloud

3 thoughts on “An Origami Werewolf in Inverness

  1. I too had missed the Origami Wolfster’s appearance. Is that the greatest new band/musician name of the year so far (with 76 Knots and The Oxides and any otherfresh 2012 line-up with words in their name close behind, obviously) ; )

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