We Are All Oxiders

“Hello, We are The Oxides and this is our first gig !”

Bollocks – nobody sounds this fucking good on a first outing…….surely !!  Bollocks to me apparently – they do and The Oxides did earlier tonight at Mad Hatters here in the Heeeeeeland Capital !!

Jake, Duff and Archie went down a gaaaaaaawdamn storm tonight – ok there’s the ‘local heroes’ aspect and the audience is of course made up of lots of mates and fellow musicians but dammit they were bloody marvellous !!  None of the nerves we saw at the Whisky album launch were on display tonight.  If Jake had been in Apocalypse Now he would have been the door gunner Colonel Kilgore questions prior to attacking the VC at the mouth on the Nang River. ‘How’re you feeling, Jake? ‘….. ‘ Like a Mean Motherfucker, Sir!!’ .

All smiles before the soundcheck and brimming with confidence during it – this was all just a precursor to the main event.  I’m not going to say anymore than that – nae point !!  You need to go and see them but at the very least…………………


Now this is a band that deserves to be playing the Seedlings Stage at Belladrum – surely theres still time.  Theyd have no problem knocking out a 40 minute set – all they need is 30.   Purely my own humble opinion of course but FUCKSAKE this is just a big ball of energy with riffs, good riffs – rock and, indeed, fucking roll !!  They deserve to be heard………….

……….but for now you can see them……….  🙂


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