Me !! Tamed !! Launched !! Evening ! Enjoyed !

First time out together on a ‘date’ since Winter Showcase at Ironworks last December for Mr and Mrs Houdi and we decided that The Whisky River Band launch would do us for a wee nicht oot.  The joys of parenthood.  The good fellas of Whiskyville had laid on transport to ferry the punters to and from the venue out at Bogbain Farm for the miniscule amount of 3 squid !!  Bloody good show chaps.  No charge for the actual event.  Bloodier gooder show chapses !!  Ok, actual CD’s on arrival were £43.50 which I thought steepish.  (Thats a lie – I think they were a tenner but I got blinded by the sight of young Hesling serving me alcohol with a smile so found myself concentrating on that particual counter area).

The Farm itself looked brilliant – some roof leakage aside (I think) – but otherwise sweet as a nut.  Big hand as always to Yvonne and Bruce oot by.  The Dalai Llama had his crew in The Bothy for a ceilidh following his appearance in Inverness that afternoon.  Rumours that he walked into 1st Pizza and proclaimed ‘ Make Me One With Everything’ are unfounded although he did offer to bless the Whiskys fucked up gearbox for their next trip away. Via email no less.  It was a wierd one – I didnt see any robed dudes or any blessing going on so Im assuming they were all in the Whiskys barn dance dressed in civvys  :).  Anyway less mysticism and more whiskicism !!

Buses deposited a crack team of merry men and women out at Bogbain and we didnt have long to wait for the first act of the evening.  Enough time to grab a Brewdog and a blether.  A very nervous Jake Bolt was very nervous in a nervy kind of nervous way.  He said he much preferred the back up of a full band to the loneliness of the acoustic set but when the time came he pulled out all the stops and did the job.  We knew he would anyway – it was only him he needed to convince !!

Boosts stuff and Oxides stuff and other stuff got an airing and almost everyone piled in to the barn to show their support !!  Some lighting issues caused dimness during the set but ……..wait for it………..will I say it…….ah fuck it………Jakes light shone through !!  What a terrible, terrible line to use !!  Never again.  That said, Jake was blimmin brilliant even though I struggled to get shots for most of his set, stoically refusing to use flash.  Last resort only – a bad habit to get into for me.  Heres a bit of Jakes tuneage soon to be heard on the circuit with the full 3-peice band, The Oxides.

Jake being appreciated by his peers ( and Pel noticing a camera……

TO THE BAR !!!! Woohoo – more beer and stuff.  A blether with Mr and Mr Netsounds – funny how I always meet them at the bar when its Murrays round.  What a top bloke !!  Blazin Fiddle Bruce Mac was looking fairly pleased with the turnout and so were the band so far.  We were then treated to a strong set from young Ms Megan Blyth.  Leaps and bounds I tells ya, leaps and bounds.

The noise between songs tonight wasnt the usual ‘local band in local bar gig’ scenario. No – this was different.  This was proper audience noise – nobody ordering drinks or holding conversations.  No bar in this barn – everyone in there were there for one thing and that was to hear The Whisky River Band.  What a joyful fucking noise it was too !  The guys ripped through every track on the album (as far as I could tell……..).  In between, instead of the usual shoe-gazing, mumbling banter we often see at this kind of event, Kris regailed the audience with tales of how the album came together, what the tracks meant to him and his beard personally and how the Daily Lama was his favourite newspaper.  Ok I took that too far but it was nice to get a bit of insight into how the ten-track Taming of Me came together.  Joined off and on throughout by tonights other performers, Megan and Jake, the Whiskys were also augmented by the enigmatic Pel – they seek him here they seek him there, oh hold on isnt that Pel, aye, just over there ? – who makes a bloody crackeen rackeeet on thon Gibson !!  All of the above make valid contributions to the album (I did a wee bit too – images only.  Bastards wouldnt let me near a kit……..or a tamborine for that matter).

Andy refreshing himself

Fraser and Pel

Hannah Stradlings brilliant cover art

Two sides to a photo (thanks for the use of your one Fraser – much appreciated)

Everything worked.  No fuck ups tonight (in anyones eyes).  Even Fraser said that the gig was only marred by the non-attendance of Matt ‘Flasers Face’ Cardle.  I keep shouting about these guys (in a Father Jack style – WHISKY !!!!  river band ARSE GARLIC) but after the weekends gig I can now rest a bit (I wont) as a few hundred other have now seen the guys at their absolute bloody bleeding blimmin bloomin marvellous best !!  Everyone else can have a shot at shouting  !!  And yes Im biased as I consider the Whiskys and their extended family to be mates but they really are that good and deserve to get something out of this.  Theyd boot the arse out of a late in the day Belladrum mainstage appearance thats for sure !!

Megan guests

What a night !!  The Taming of Me was well and truly launched.  That was a wee bit special (and the Understatement of the Year Award goes to……….).  I shall however leave the final word to Mr G Blyth of The Top Deck !!

Thank you and goodnight !!





buy prints from the night here

The album on itunes



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