Chasing Owls Definitely Not for Bella

Then again maybe they will or wont they.  I dont know.  Why would I know ?  Ive no idea.  I hope so. They are.  No. Are they ?  They might be.  No – theyre not. I do hope so. Bet they dont though.  I shouldnt have said anything.  Theyre not…………or………..

Jamie Netsounds quizzing Chasing Owls on the possibility of a Belladrum 2012 appearance. They remain tight-lipped

It would make sense that they did as everyone needs to hear their lovely, beautiful new tuneage.  I speak of course of the stunning Quell EP released in May this year.  4 sublime tracks of indie-folk (I have no idea what any of these new-fangled genres are about I just know when I like something regardless).

Naomi contemplates a trip North

So Callum Bateman, Naomi Black, James Moir and Ben Sunderland may or may not be ‘coming North’ to visit the lovely sunken garden at Belladrum Estate by Inverness.  They may make their visit at the same time that Tartan Heart Festival 2012 is on and quite possibly / hopefully will bring musical instruments.  We cant say for sure – I mean how would I know ??  Fingers crossed……………………



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