Red Hook Rapids Launch their Album

Inverness duo, Red Hook Rapids launched their debut album ‘Closer to Home’ at the HMV store in Inverness Eastgate Centre.  Fair play to the ‘record’ shop – they seem to be managing to put on live music sessions most weeks at the moment.  This is the first time Id managed to get along to one though having missed Mckenzie, McLaughlin and Sermanni already this year among others.  So a compact and bijou audience were treated to tasters from Ally MacLeod and Donald Forbes’ album as well as a short striptease by Mr Forbes (unveiling a craftily placed Red Hook Rapids t-shirt).  Tennessee Bound, Moving. Demons, Doesn’t Mean a Ting, Miss Fortune and This Old Highway are all fine examples of country/Americana so if thats youre thang then these are your folks.  The album features six tracks by Donald, five by Ally and one penned together.  Its  released on their own label – Federal Combos Records – and available for the time being from HMV Inverness and from their website.

Soon to be available to swap for money from iTunes, Amazon and MP3 Downloads

They have a UK tour beginning next week and are playing The Wild West Fest at Bogbain, Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival and Glenelg Music Festival over the summer before undertaking their first US tour in the autumn.


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