Whisky Anyone ?? Don’t Mind if I Do……….

Spirits were high this evening in the Whisky River Bunker deep deep deep deep at the top of many many stairs hence the high spirits (whisky ?  4th floor ?  see what I did there) The chaps are due to rehearse in the wonderful iglu in Church Street as  this weekend sees the release of their 10 track debut album the taming of me 

Yeah so all thats now useless……….read on……..

Kris realises he’s forgotten to tell Houdi that theyve changed rehearsal venue

Yeah nice one !!  Got as far as the door to Iglu only to recieve a phone call from Whiskys warbler Kris ‘The Wook Right.  And What Of It ?’ Douglas.  “Yeah we’re not there man”.  Excellent.  Off to the ACTUAL Whisky River Bunker which is at a secret location which Im not at liberty to divulge.  Tell you what – driving out to Dalcross Industrial Estate was a fuckin nightmare with that blindfold on – doh !!  So that kinda put paid to the whole hi-spirits theme Id had all worked out for the post.  Bugger.  Some bloody yank drinking emulsion out of a fox or something is whats on in the art place stopping the Whiskers from using that space for rehearsing.  (I just thought – I could start a craze now – GaGa has Monsters as fans.  Lets have Whiskers being the Whiskys fans……..no ?? Youre probably right).

Cowboy Time

No This Way !!!!! Pfffft – a hard, hard photo shoot……….

Helluva rehearsal !!  Stonking.  Treats like the entire side two of the vinyl version of Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells (complete with record player crackles and pops provided by Darwin bassist Mark ‘Darwin Bassist’ Williamson.  The entire Now Thats What I Call Music vol 23 played for the first time in its entirety and of course their butt shaking take on John Cales 4:33.  Yes folks if they can pull all of this out of the hat again on Saturday you will have been witness to something extremely special.  If they dont however manage to fire all these songs up again this week you will still have seen a damned fine set of songs from a damned fine set of musicians if tonights jam was anything to go by.  Woohs were woooh’d, bop bops were bopped and all the correct, regulation rocks were rocked in all the appropriate places.

Anyhoo – enough shite from me.  Get yourself along to Bogbain Farm this Saturday for the launch of The Whisky River Bands 10 track debut album “The Taming of Me”.  Great songs and some beautiful album artwork by Hannah Stradling (and a couple of nifty bits by yours truly).

Details on that there peice of poster up there……………………mines a large scotch.  I look forward to seeing you as do the Whisky Chaps.  Come and be a Whisker !! (contact the band thru facebook to check on availability of seatage on bussage)

Meanwhile……..in other news……….these……………..

Chris and Iain

Pel and Cardle

None of the drum shots were posed in any way………..

Ms Blyth

The ever-appreciative Mr Elliott
“Not now Pel, Im trying to take photos”

Wook Neck

The Kids Are Alright

Jake joins in

The Family Whisky


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