Rockness 2012 : General Arsing About

Quite a few good music bits were enjoyed and lots and lots of old friends met up with and new ones made.  It wasnt all bad – just mostly.  Hey, dont get me wrong, this is merely my opinion albeit a fairly popular one it seems.  Thousands of people had a brilliant weekend.  Here are some general arsing about shots which pretty much always entailed Netsounds and Ms Scott of Radioland giving me strange, mystical signs and symbols…………happy moments !  I did laugh quite a bit !

Marions offers to play peek-a-boo fell on deaf ears for the most part. She was just too good

Murray spent most of the weekend disgusted at Jamies use of the finger

Happy Punters

Jamie trying to stay interested and Murray losing the will to live

Mr and Mrs Drums

Murray has just heard that theres a Pink Floyd tribute act on at Belladrum

Jamie chatting to young boys out the back

Marion having to counsel the young boys soon after

Discopolis were disgusted at the treatment I was given

Fans of the blog …….. maybe

The last photo I took at Rockness 2012


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