My Last Rockness

Never again !!  Ever !!

Nope – no more Rockness for me – twas a shitstorm to say the least.

Lenses, cards, Lowepro bag and batteries stolen from the Press Enclosure – even my fucking spare specs are gone along with my back up phone and charger !!  Mentioned that to officials and they looked at me like I had two bloody heads.  Maybe its the Aberdeenshire accent.  The bands we interviewed all understood me ok.

Nikon #1 died on me early evening and Nikon #2’s batteries (the ones that didnt get stolen) gave up the ghost round about the same time.

Had my time utterly wasted waiting to get photos of The Olympic Torch on main stage and got punted back into the pit while the majority of the photographers were given ‘the shot’.  Fuck that – I missed the pit slot for the Guillemots for that piss-take.

No room for the wee fellas up on the stage so this is all we got from the pit.

Hassled by shitty wee Neds right left and centre.  Place was over-run with them this year !!  More death and hospitalization from drug abuse.  I even had a fellow photographer trying to make a c**t of me in front of colleagues on two occassions on the friday night.  Unbelievable – cock !

Im not even going to blog it folks.  Well, not today anyway – Ill see how I feel in a few days time.  Meanwhile the photos will slowly filter onto my flickr site.


I also have to ask how neccessary it is for a large music festival to have shit tunes pumping out of the ferris wheel sound system……..again…….year after bloody year.  You get to the top of that hill and its a total mess of noise.  Scream if you wanna go faster………..oh thats waltzers !!  Still – no fucking need.  Its not a fair – bit of a circus at times but not a fair !!

Nah – fuck it RockNess – I wont be back.

Its now definitely “T in the Park with a Loch” – shame.

Long Live The Tartan Heart !!

Update on the bag situation !!  Whoever nicked it from the locked and secure press tent on the Friday night realised quickly that it contained no cameras therefore nothing of any value so they tossed it into one of the Red Cross tents.  The good people of the Red Cross kept it for the weekend and passed it to Northern Constabulary on Monday morning.  The amazing Policewoman who dealt with it spent a good while going through my backup mobile phone till someone answered.  I then get a phone call all the way from over in Banff from my good mate Stevie B to say ‘Its your lucky day’.  Bag and all contents recieved intact thus revitalising my faith in some humans nature.  This didnt however change my opinion of Rockness in any way and Ill be booking my annual leave for next years Insider Festival as soon as I get back to work.  Now all that remains is to sort out the busted Nikon and Roberts yer maws brer .

The guys at Burnett Road Police Station in Inverness also reported that mine wasnt the only theft or loss from the backstage/press area this year – there were many apparently.  Even the tip jar from the free bar laid on in the Artist Village got nicked.  Fucking lowlifes.  If anyone else is missing any stuff get in touch with the good guys down at Burnett Road as they have all sorts of stuff looking to get claimed including phones and wallets still containing cards and money.

My Rockness highlight – Team Kapowski

My other highlight – Jumpin Jamie Flash

Big thanks to Jamie and Murray at Netsounds for taking me along for the day.  Two guys who do a sterling job of keeping us all up to date with the latest goings on in the world of music !!  I should also add that none of the opinions, thoughts or rants in this post are anything to do with Netsounds – this shit is all mine.

As close as I needed to be to Mumford and Sons

The chaps from Discopolis get a grilling in the artist area from Mr Mac !

Marion and Jamie have a special wave they keep especially for me……..

WRB’s Kris Douglas

Post-set Homework


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