Waxed by Bronto

A question gets asked from time to time.  “What do you reckon to that Bronto Skylift then ?”.  Its a question that is almost never answered with a shrug of the shoulders and a “Aye there awrite I spose”.  Theyre like fucking Marmite (other yeast based spreads are available – try Aldi – its probably called Tarmite).  Bronto Skylift are very much in the Love em or Hate em Category – love or hate but youll be hard pushed to deny theyre there !  Im in the Love Em Category !!  Firmly – oooooh yeah !

So a Thursday up ra stairs in Hoots at the Madhatters gaff.  Lady North and Bronto Skylift are doing a wee tour about the country.  Sleeping rough in fields and outhouses the length and breadth of Scotland (I imagine) as they bring their gaily played tunes and stories to the wee folk of the Northern Territories.

Lady North had been up before with Deadboy Robotics (they share a drummer in Paul Bannon) and I only caught a smidgeon of the soundcheck so tonight was a real treat.  Zappa, King Crimson, Little Feat, Black Sabbath even – theres loads going on with Lady Norths sound that I liked but the absolute best bit is as well as the music being phenomenally well played the song titles are just fucking bonkers.  Tonights set included Ali, the Pig Opera and the Helicopter and Its All About Getting That Claude Monet.  We also got a nameless song (lot of that happening recently), Rub n Scrub and Moontang.  Yes indeed Rouge, Partyboy and Steelbawz made quite an impression on me.  Even got some wiggly rain dance style shit going on.  Excellent.  One to watch at goNORTH this year -next week in fact.  See you at the bar !

Favourite accolade posted on their Facebook ABOUT page is this one from Glasgow Podcart – Lady North makes girls want to play south


Bronto Skylift were our headliners for the evening and didnt disappoint.  Not so much Wall of Sound as Cliff of Terror.  What a fucking joyful noise the two-piece of Niall and Iain make.  Like I said not everyones cup of tea but tough shit – if you dont like them theres nae much point in being in the same bar as their gig – its not like youll engage in any polite conversation while they batter your senses with hits such as Tiger, Chip Shop Attack, Italo Calvino, Stuff, Eagle Falcon, Danny Glover Isnt Dead, Cobblepot, Wolf,  or Negative Creep.  (Personal favourite has to be Cobblepot).  I like a bit of acoustic as much as the next man but this was neither the time nor the place to expect any of that 🙂

I would have had more of their set filmed had Mr Strachan not blootered the shelf that my wee video camera was set up on into space.  Some cracking footwork indeed – unfortunately there were also 2 pints of cider and 2 large, lit candles resting atop that very shelf.  Boom ya fucker. No doubt though, Jamie ‘Bloody Netsounds‘ Netsounds pint remained unspilt and mine went for a burton.  Now the candle wax was a different story.  Ok so it gleaned me a new shiny Bronto T-shirt at the end of the night it also meant I had to enter the gents at Hootanannys looking like Id been the victim of some extreme rock n roll bukkake shennanigans.  Yeah – disgusting !! 

So there ye go – usual cack and some photos.  Heres a couple of links to go visit too before I bombard you with more photos !!


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Pre-Show rituals included beer and lie doon

The offending Happy backdrop gets nailed / nialled


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