Little Mill of Happiness Announce New Toilet

Yip !!  You heard it here first !!  Why the hell they feel they need to announce the installation of new porcelain over at Little Headquarters of Happiness down on Obern Avenue Ill never know.  Apparently the cheeky wee Little Millers have taken the massive profit from the initial sales of the Capsized Sailors EP and spunked it on a new loo – thats right spunked on a new loo !!   We are unsure at this juncture whether the deal was sweetened with a bidet or if its just a bog-standard poop-pan style affair !  Crivvens……..oh, ah wait now !!  Im reading this email from Matt again…….

Ach shite – it transpires The Little Mill of Happiness have gone and got themselves a new BLOG, not bog !!  Fucksake !  Theyre also delighted to announce the following shows

  • June 16th – IGLU Inverness – Supporting Two Wings, (acoustic!)
  • July 19th – Captains Rest, Glasgow
  • August 4th – Belladrum Festival, Hot House Stage
  • August 16th – Ironworks Summer Showcase, Inverness

Also – FREEBIE ALERT – also they have an exclusive unreleased track for you when you sign up for the mailing list.  Rumour has it its either Britneys Oops I Did It Again or a cover version of Napalm Deaths cover version of The Dead Kennedys classic, Nazi Punks Fuck Off.  Well I can exclusively reveal that the rumour was started by me and its plain and simple downright lies !!  Id like to hear either track covered though.  What you will actually get is an outtake from the EP recording sessions.

Apart from the freebie the list hopes to offer more free recordings, videos and exclusives to fans in advance of pubic releases.  Like good boys they promise not to hit you with spiced ham and only send you emails when they have something to give you or tell you.

The mailing list can be accessed from here.  Feel free to sign up for my one too if you like, please, please (or ill strangle the puppy with shards of rainbow).  All the best in your new blog chaps !!  Remember the Little Mill website is still here too……..

And, yes, I know it says pubic – my typos are deliberate unless they arent  🙂


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