New to Me: Stanley

I heard a beautiful thing tonight.  I heard two beautiful, wonderful things tonight.

Tonight I had my first experience of Stanley the band fae Eberdeen – thats Aberdeen if youre from anywhere other than Eberdeenshire.  It was affa nice !

Thanks to Stanley manager Steve Amos for the promo pic

Vic Galloway just had them on his BBC Scotland show this fine evening – most refreshing for a Banffer (nae bomb jokes please) to hear ‘proper’ accents on the radio.  Granted theyre not all from Aberdeen – theres Ellon in there too apparently (and Dundee – oh well) but its still nice to hear one of them, Stephen Podlesny I think, talk about Sinatras It was a very good Year in a broad Toon accent !!  Mugic min !!  Now all I need is Dod Copeland and Toxic Ephex on Fred Macauly and Ill be fair trickit !!  Hats off to Vic Galloway for continuing to bring new Scottish music to the airwaves

So anyway, the loons did 3 tunes of which I only caught two – gutted I missed the first one Edit The Night – but was suitably amazed by the other two.  Join Hands is another from the debut Animals With Amazing Disguises  – isnt that just one of the best fucking album titles you ever heard !! – but the piece de resistance – thats French dontchakno – tonight was the brilliantly haunting cover version of Goldfrapps Lovely Head.  An interesting yet useless fact is Join Hands featured the wonderful xylosynth – I mention that only to prove that I was paying attention !!

Surprisingly Im not going to harangue you with information and details about said band – I shall merely urge you to listen to them.  Tweet them.  Facebook them.  Love them.  Stroke them when possible and generally treat yourself to some of their noises !!  Here is, however, their press-blurb – Im a demon copy/paster as you well know……

Following on from the successful release of the singles Monkeys & Friends (on London-based indie label Kittiwake Records) and Sandwiches & Tea last year, Animals with Amazing Disguises showcases an innovative, unconventional yet accessible sound driven by a wealth of musical talent and a restless creativity.

Led by the expressive and powerful voice of Stephen Podlesny, the band draws upon a broad set of diverse influences without ever losing their knack for crafting a memorable tune. From swirling fairground melodies, to lush cinematic orchestration, to foot stomping rock n’ roll, Stanley’s musical versatility and charm is ever present and leaves many of their peers sounding one-dimensional in comparison.

The album was self-recorded and self-produced by the band in their native Aberdeen, where they have been gaining plaudits on the local scene for the last two years. Radio tastemakers like Vic Galloway and Jim Gellatly have sung their praises and spun their singles, and the band have supported acts like The Bees and Marina & The Diamonds when not selling out their own headline shows or playing to large crowds at events like the Wizard Festival or industry showcase Go North.”




Hope all that makes sense – now stop farting around and go and discover some Stanley – Ive given you a tune up there and a video down here to get you started.  Enjoy


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