Local Act in “Preferential Treatment At Showcases” Shocker

Yes folks – let the wailing and moaning begin !!  Ive uncoverd a shocking revelation that one of the lesser known bands on our local network is to receive special privileges at the upcoming Summer Showcases at the Ironworks.  Im gobsmacked to say the least but the truth has to be known.

Newbies and virtual unknowns TBA are to feature on two, thats right twoseperate showcases and from that will probably recieve a Belladrum, Loopallu and Glastonbury main stage appearance, countless support slots at the Ironworks and rumour has it the honour of switching on Inverness Xmas lights !!  No doubt Rockness and Brewbog next year will be a shoe in for them too !!  Aboslutely disgusting and I am disgusted with the disgustingness of these disgusting events !!  No doubt a local folk, blues or rock musician will have something to say on this subject late one night on faecesbook.

Ironworks booking assistant Steve Robertson said “It’s great that these showcases are continuing with the Summer Showcase Series, most of the acts taking part have come to us and said how much they enjoyed performing and the punters have been incredibly supportive of a local music scene that we are proud to be showcasing”. Aye no mention of the TBA situation. 😦

Here are the rest of the listings for the Showcases in full including those sheisters TBA and their dual-appearance.

July 12th – The Parma VioletsPurple Divide TBA 

July 19th – The FruesCity in SurveillanceDefcon One

July 26th – The Whisky River BandLast Summer EffectEmma Mitchell

August 2nd – Swamp RadioSCUMToecutterTBA * 

August 9th –  Dorec-a-belle Barry MackayThe GalipaygosAilsa Llyall-Matthews

August 16th – Little Mill of Happiness – KOBI – Naked Red

August 23rd – James MackenzieThousand StarsFiFi & Rodaidh

August 30th – ROADWAYJake Bolt Toby Michaels Rolling Damned  –  This date stays as is till we hear otherwise !!

Winnie (ex of The Side) and Adrian Telfer are now confirmed for July 12th and Spoke Too Soon confirmed for August 2nd. At time of updating its still unsure whether TBA are playing or not.  Both Ironworks and Netsounds are keeping their cards close to their chest.  I didnt bother asking the ‘creator’ of the other ‘media partner’ as I couldnt be arsed !!

Apologies if I havent put a link onto your band up there – its nothing personal, I just havent been able to find one.  If one exists and youre reading this then please, please email me with your website details.  Bear in mind there are sites out there that just don’t bother with linking to the artist websites – what a waste of an interweb that is !  I even managed to track down a website for TBA !

Murray Cameron of Netsoundsunsigned had this to say, “The showcase gets better and better and it’s great to see an event like this opening up a buzzing music community to a wider audience.   We are delighted to be involved and to see a new wave of emerging local acts featuring alongside more familiar ones. ”   Yeah Murray – including your new buddies TBA, eh ??

Some of the mixes of bands and music might be a bit much for  me if Im honest but I suppose thats maybe what the organisers are going for.  I hope they haven’t gone too ‘eclectic’ on certain nights.  As always what the fuck do I know.  Its not supposed or expected to be everyones cup of tea.  Ill try and get along to support the local thang all the same.  If theyre organised as they have been in the past they will be brilliant nights again !

Anyway Im not going to harp on about it (TBA TBA TBA TBA – who are they who are they ??????)  😉

July 12th – The Parma Violets

July 19th – The Frues

July 26th – Whisky River Band

August 2nd – Swamp Radio

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A recent photo of TBA (possibly pre-rehab)

August 9th – dorec-a-belle

August 16th – The Little Mill of Happiness

August 23rd – James Mackenzie

August 30th – ROADWAY

*Just incase any of you out there think Im being thick on the TBA thing, I am, of course jesting.  I do that from time to time !!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Local Act in “Preferential Treatment At Showcases” Shocker

  1. its unfortunate but its nothing new.. take a look in glasgow i could name 2 or three bands that get special favours… after all its not who you know or how well you play its who your dad knows.

  2. Jesting is your default, I have come to learn, Houdi. And we need more of that around here. I am also impressed by your sleuthing skills, so no doubt you will come up with the line-up of those pesky TBAs any day now …

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