Them, Us, Rachel and Fog

A Them or An Us

Those cheeky chappies Mark and Liam of Them & Us have surprised the shit out of me with a remix of the Rachel Sermanni single, The Fog.  I was present during a phone conversation regarding the possibility of this happening and voiced my opinion as something along the lines of – “her people will absolutely tell you to fuck off or absolutely grab the chance to do it with both hands“.  Im sure it was something along those lines – them that know will soon correct me Im sure  🙂 .  Thankfully it appears to be the latter – personally I was unsure as to whether they could pull this off.  Rachels stuff is quite fragile at times and I worried that any added tech might overpower but by golly the buggers have done an excellent job – hats off to you chaps.  Its a beautiful piece of music from Rachel just given a slight audio makeover – not too much, just eeeeenaaaaf !!  Crackeeen like !!

Make your own minds up  –  have a listen !

Rachel at Ceol-Mor

Heres the original Rachel version


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