Brew at the Bog – The Prequel


Im not sworn to secrecy or nuffink like that but at the same time Im not going to go describing every last detail of what the Brew at the Bog is looking like or what time which band is on or how much the beer is (ok then tinnies are £2 quid and pinties are £3).  Get yer arses out there tommorow and find out for yourselves.

Signeage !

Suffice to say the beer has arrived.  I know cos I carried a few cases into the bar cos thats the kinda guy I am.  Didnt manage to snaffle any into the boot of my motor cos thats not the kinda guy I am…… !!

This time tommorow there will be a stage and lots of people in this shot !!

Anyhoo – heres a few images from this mornings visit………

The Brewbog Roadies fly the flag……. 🙂

If you go down the Farm tommorow…………


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