goNORTH 2012 Launch. Captains Log 02 Five Twenty Twelve

The James Mackenzie Show had made it to the Townhouse Inverness.   Other people also featured but werent half as much fun with a beer and canape as Jimbo !!   You must excuse me with this post, Im just being lazy – twas a nice evening – I didnt know half the people there.  There were musicians there so they were the half I did know.  Highlights were Mackenzie, obviously, Dave Ramsay for being Dave and Team Kapowski who I shall converse with again – not in a fancy interview style on here cos I dont do that – just in general cos they be nice blokes !!  Possible Kapowski book / album title has gone right out of my head – dammit – twas a doozie too !!  There was a Bronto Skylight window salesman being quiet – that all changes end of the month in Hoots !! I spoke to Dj’s and everythang – a proper schmoozing bastard I was !! Pel, Ross, Liam, Kris Whisky, Roadway Ross, Nutsounds, Young Mr Brown, Iain ‘Barlinnie’ McLaughlin –  nice to see you all – if Ive missed anyone – nae luck.  See you at goNORTH !!  ( did get a wee jolt everytime they started their promo video on the flatscreens – used Homework for the soundtrack AND YOU KNOW MY FEELINGS ON THE MIGHTY FUCKING HOMEWORK)

Huge thanks to Alex and the goNORTH team for inviting me – didnt see that coming at all.    Here are some photos from tonight – yeah I took my camera !!  Go Figure    🙂

Recently shorn Mr McLaughlin regales us with a couple of ditties (I said DITTIES)

Exchange fellas on the 6th June – Local Heroes

Iain playeth

The great and the good of The North (apparently)

Dont get me wrong – I just dont know any of them but I assume they all bring something to the goNORTH table


Iain McLaughlin

Screen HI is introduced and explained

Jamie works out his script for Brewbog

Yer Man fae Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Dave and the Kapowskeroonies

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© al donnelly / houdi unless otherwise stated

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without permission from the artist is strictly prohibited !!

Pelface Rossface

HNG ACE reporter Mags holding court with the young hop-hip crew

So Long and Thanks for All the MIni Quiche !!


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