28 People Playing Stuff……..give or take……..

Ok so Murray the Net has been making his claims to attending millions of gigs in the space of a few minutes.  Yeah well we’ve had enough of all that !!  (No mention on the podcast for his tour manager for the last part of his odyssey either – how quickly we forget – that’ll be the Budvar).  Well tonight his tour manager (ie ME) went on a oddyssey of his own and managed to see 28 musicians play live (potentially 29 but I missed the first act at the Ironworks as I was doing my nails).  That is correct – 28 live musicians in the space of 2 and a half hours and 2 streets !!  Let me explain………………………..

First up was a trip to the splendiferous Inverness Ironworks for a shindig featuring my mates The Whisky River Band and some blokes and a lassie from Glasgow – naval types, Admiral Something or other.  I shall start with them.

Admiral Fallow got stuck in setting up their own gear for the most part which was refreshing to see in this day and age.  They stood and had a wee tune up too and the relaxed audience didn’t really pay them any attention – almost like they weren’t supposed to…….yet.  Kinda cool I thought.  Off they went and had a quick break then returned with their gig heads and t-shirts on. Now the audience paid attention. Tracks from their forthcoming Tree Bursts in Snow long player sat well alongside the Boots Met My Face stuff.  Louis Abbotts banter was good, as always, telling the assembled throng that their singalong antics had been better than Aviemores.  Ooooh Controversy !!  Careful now (bet he was right tho – hehe – ‘mon the Ness).  Nice, though, to see another major player on the Scottish scene playing the smaller more intimate, out-of-the-way venues like Aviemore, Skye and the likes of Strathpeffer.  (Frightened Rabbit were there last weekend remember).

Still it was to be an uphill struggle with me I’m afraid.  I find Admiral Fallow a tad bland for my liking – don’t get me wrong, blands not a problem for me as such, there’s a time and a place for it.  Unfortunately for Louis and Team Fallow the time is not 25 minutes after our very own Whisky River Band had done serious damage to the roof of the Ironworks, almost to the point of tearing the facking thing off (metaphorically speaking of course otherwise a Health & Safety risk would have arisen requiring a whole new set of risk assessments – a world of HSE shit I can tell you !!  )  Aye them Whisky River lads and lasses (hold on……..?? – Oh Mrs Wook was in fine voice on backing vocals between songs – the now infamous “We Love You Toby !!”  shout however is attributed to Mrs Wooks sister – The Tellywifie), aye, they fairly cooked during their short but oh so sweet set of tunes, old faves and stuff from the new album – each member played a fucking stoater !!  (even Matt Cardle – is that wearing thin yet ?  Probably !!).

Now if you were in attendance and thought otherwise then please don’t take offence – bear in mind these are merely my own humble opinions to ‘compliment’ the images.  I have to say though, that when the hairs on yer neck are rigid and I’m that proud of The Whisky River Band tonight  I’m close to squeezing one out – a tear that is – then I need no more convincing that this was WRB’s night – pure and simple !!  I am, once again, piss-in-pant excited about the album release in June (some tasty cover images involved I believe )

Ahhhh but haud on I hear you say………youre short of musicians and it must be time you were nearly home !!  Yes indeed – that’s only 11 musicians (12 potentially, sorry James Cantry – tonights other support act with a cracking hat).  Where do I find another 17 musicians at this time of night ???  Piece of piss……..see below……………..

Rooty Ma Toot Big Band in all their glory at Hootananny

Cheers for reading – thats yer lot – just another session of me blowing smoke up the Whiskys bums – Im biased of course but they are that good !!

Oh – before I go – here are the WRB Ladies Team in full flow !!  🙂

The Tequila River Band


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