Citizen Kane…………………..

……………………would be the obvious, clever arse title for this post so, fuck it, Im just going to go with it. Ive had a couple wines and its late.  Hold on though…….its not as late as Id thought it would have been after a rock n roll concert type event thang.  What the hell happened to 90 – 120 minute gigs.  Springsteen and Foos can still do 2 hour plus sets so whats with the hour or so tonight from Mr Miles Kane.

Straight off the bat Ill say I was more than impressed – the show was quite brilliant in my humble opinion.  Great to photograph, thats for sure, but I could have stood and watched another half hour.  It appears to be that the ticket prices nowadays go up and the showtimes go down thus increasing the pop stars hourly rate.  We are all in the wrong  job folks.  All that bitching aside I absolutely loved Miles Kanes gig at Inverness Ironworks – sound was brilliant, lights were bang on and above all the energy that fired off that stage was electric !!  Top Swag Mr Kane !!

That is yer lot basically – here are some photographamicalifacationstiltskins  :).  More here on flickr

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