Its a Long Way to the Top (it must be ig:lu then)

Disappointed is one word Id use to describe the event tonight.  I went along with an open mind hoping for something to get my teeth into and was left confused, hurt and more knowledgable in the world of cosmetic nail care than Ive ever found neccessary.  Here, see for yourself – I googled Purple Divide and this is what I found – PURPLE DIVIDE.

On further investigation I did find this PURPLE DIVIDE thankfully and this finalised my decision on Ironworks (Red Kites) or ig:lu (Purple Divide) for tonights entertainment and also negates the opening statement of this post.  I try to be clever and it doesnt always work  🙂  . No disprespect to Red Kites, Ive seen you guys and bought your first EP and enjoyed you very much – Purple Divide however was unknown territory to me and a local band so I had to investigate.  I had heard GOOD THINGS about them. “One of the great things about going to gigs is that sometimes you might just catch the first whiff a band who may unseat the current wave of bands. Purple Divide are in that category and one to watch.” – Netsounds Unsigned.   So at 10pm I entered the front door of ig:lu on Church Street, Inverness and at 1025 I had finally ascended the mountain and arrived at the Official Purple Divide EP Launch gig.  Woop, and indeed, Woop !!

Daniel Gunn

Dale Sutherland

Connor Meeks

Enough time to say hello to Graham and the iglu team, a Frue, the singers Auntie, almost knock the video tripod over, ‘win’ a stella and, hey, it was showtime !!  Slow to start – I gave myself a two song limit and I was heading home to tea and toast.  Some sound issues were firmly booted in the nuts early on by Audio Hesling, Bens android cousin – looks the same but sounds better !!  Very quickly the band settled in and gave it laldy for an hour or so hammering out an impressive set.  I can tell you the exact setlist – I just have a knack for knowing these things – its instinctive, nay, psychic even.  I dont know how I do it………(see bottom – ooooer missus)

The EP tracks all got a play (it was the launch for fuck sake so of course they did ye fool) along with another 6 songs including 3 or 4  acoustic chaps played by young Daniel Gunn.  I say young Daniel Gunn as if the rest of the band are old – theyre all young lads with bags of energy and potential for something bigger and better along the way.  There was even time for a wee drum solo from Connor Meeks who I met on the bridge on the way home – he was heading for his dinner !!  Drummers fucking rule – they just do !!  Gig, solo and home for bacon sarnies !  Legend.  (Also gigs in shorts – PROPER drummer attire) Last member to get a mention and certainly not the least was Dale Sutherland on bass – Im sure the chant early on was ‘shagger’ but I couldnt be sure – a story you’d have to clarify with the band themselves Id think !

Finished off with a blinding version of their EP track Lose Control and everyone clapped and cheered and stuff.  Hurrah (yes like that but rowdier).  I really really enjoyed them especially toward the end of the set when their confidence was there in abundance and they really started to cook !!  Special metion to young Mr Meeks on the drums  – wee powerhouse !!

Playing to an audience of their peers and family (peers = drunk mates) and why the hell not,  made for a good banter filled evening of music and well, er, banter.  Happy drunks each and every one of them.  It was also nice to see quite a few of the well respected members of the local musical fraternity there to support the lads tonight – The Head Outsider,  Mr & Mrs Hoots, Pel, Netsounds and Benji Cosmonaught among others – well done for that !!  A few faces were conspicuous by their absence however……hmmm !

So there ye go – Ive rambled a load of bollocks again and killed an hour and 3 cups of tea.  Better crack on with the photos and my nails – Im going purple with little stars this time I think !!

Quick mention for iglu again – what a lovely, friendly, cuddly little venue it is.  No lights but I refuse to complain as it just makes for more interesting photos unlike gigs with red lights which just make for lots of black and white conversions.  And a cardio workout to get there – what more can an ageing snapper hope for !

Heres a Nut Productions video of Daniel doing an acoustic version of one of their songs. He is doing it acoustically on an acoustic guitar that is to say a non-electric version of an electric ‘axe’ as the more ‘metal’ among us would refer to it as. (I dont get it to be honest as Ive tried chopping sticks with one and it fucking broke – waste of money.  Id have been better with a hatchet of some sort)

Acoustic (unplugged) – take it away young man……..

As always (I get sick of saying it myself) I dont go into any great detail on here – I leave the details up to the bands themselves as everyone has huge web presences these days (anyone remember myspace).  Purple Divide are no exception and can be found at the following addresses



PURPLE DIVIDE EP – £3 for 4 tracks (if youd come along to the gig you could have had a freebie like what I and the other punters gotted)

CONFESSION TIME !!  Before I sign off I have to ‘fess up and say that I did use flash photography tonight at the gig and for that I will surely go to hell.  Needs must tho  🙂


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