A Lidl Bag, A Few Chords & the Truth


No really folks – shut the fuck up !!  I wanted to run round the tables and the bar slapping people and shouting that this is RM FUCKING HUBBERT playing for you for free in a wee pub in Inverness so please, please shut up and bloody well listen !!

Then I realise that this is RM Hubbert playing for us all in a wee pub in Inverness on a Wednesday night, for free – therein lies the problem to a certain extent.  Punters are punters whether they’re there to see the ‘act’ or just in for a pint !  There was an even mix between the two types tonight.  The fans who sat or stood rapt in the music or the punters in for a beer who saw this as just another bloke with a guitar and paid no heed.  Shame.  Not to worry cos Mr Hubbert just got the hell on with it and treated those who were interested to a wonderful, wonderful acoustic odyssey – thems metal strings nae nylon !!

hubbyhoots (5)

Sounded great but of course nothings ever simple when you shoot in Hoots – sounds great, looks well, red !!  The photographers favourite light was in full effect tonight yet again…….hmmmmmm RED – fucking hate it but didn’t detract from the music.  Guess what ?  I wont be reeling off set lists or track titles cos Id be lying if I tried to get all knowledgeable on your asses.  What I do got tho is some pictures of the very tallended man (tallend is copyright This Silent Forest, coined during a dyslexic predictive text  twitter convo we had earlier today).

hubbyhoots (4)

hubbyhoots (3)

hubbyhoots (2)

hubbyhoots (1)

I only managed a quick hello/goodbye with RM at the end of the night as he was leaving – heading off into the night with his guitar case and Lidl back of merchandise.  The Little Millers were hogging him post-set and I don’t mess with them cos they were in Shutter !!  A very pleasant chap with a huge talent – hopefully next time there will be a greater percentage of attention-payers !!


I’ll give you the website proper and a faecesbook link – if I were to try to put in a link to everywhere that RM pops up online we’d be here all night !!

I just love the simplicity of the statement on his website so I shall leave you with that and wish him all the best on his journey back to Glasgow – haste ye back and all that though…….

Hello. I am a guitarist from Glasgow in Scotland. I have
made a new record called Thirteen Lost & Found with
and about some of the friends I have had over the last
twenty years. It’s a little bit cheerier than my previous
album, First & Last.

Humble apologies for missing out on Kris and Andy Whiskys set in their support slot – they’re humble about it and deny being any good but I heard reports from elsewhere that said different – catch you next time chaps !!


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