Kraftwerk on Buckfast………….

……………….or Depeche Mode Chewing Razor Blades – two of the many stupid and misleading things I thought up to describe Homework.  Neither of which are very accurate to be honest. Bear in mind these were thunk up on a train betwixt Baffgate and Embra after a few beers at Brewdog on the Coogate.   Lucky I did a bit of videofying down at Sneaky Petes the other night so that you may see for yourself what these four young bucks are capable of ??

Before I get to Homework, though,  there is another NEW thing in my life I must talk about !!  Honeyblood !!  Up until Thursday nights Wide Days Showcase gig I had only seen mention of the Glasgow two-peice on the event page for the Homework showcase.  To my shame I didnt pay much attention when booking my ticket for Homework as I didnt think Id be hanging around long enough to see them.  As luck would have it the times they hada  change-ed meaning I got my first taste of the wonder that is Honeyblood !  Introduced for the evening by none other than Wide Days / Born to be Wide organiser, Olaf Furniss – nice shirt man !! .   On came two little well dressed ladies/grrrrls and got on with the job in hand – that being guitar and drums !!  White Stripes meets Bronto Skylift – nothing like either of them, I was just using up the names of all the guitar / drum duos I know.  Yeah !!  Thats the level of ‘journalism’ yer dealing with here – hey some days I dont even use the spellcheck.  Having said that, if this wee blog points some people in the general direction of the bands featured within then my work is done !!

Super Rat – Honeyblood

Honeyblood are a two-piece garage rock band The project began when Stina got sick of boys. After a long search, she found Shona, who was also, getting rather sick of boys.They began making music around Christmas Time ’11 and played their first show on Pancake Day at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh supporting Allo Darlin’. They are about to release their first Tape ‘Thift Shop’ with CATH Records.” – taken from their Faecesbook page !!
Sounding like a smiley Edie Brickell at times, Stina Marie Claire sings lyrics like “you really do disgust me” (Super Rat) to the backbeat of Shona Macvics drums !! (I really hope I got that the right way round) I took some nice photos of the ladies but wish Id videod a track or two now.  Fortunately Euan Robertson was doing that for Wide Days themselves so Ill keep you up to date with that when it appears.   I wish I had more to tell you – I did send them an email but can only assume that they are both far too busy avoiding boys to check emails – Im also sure thats not true……  🙂  .  Now go and listen to them cos Im telling you really really have to – its your duty !!
*the wonderful Stina took time out from her busy schedule to answer my email and gimme a setlist to refer to.  This unfortunately came too late for me to attempt to appear knowledgeable of Honeybloods songs and Im too honest to (honestly) to try to appear otherwise, honest though honestly.  Anyhoooo here be the tracks wot the Honeyblood ladies played for us raaaand at Petes on Thursday – Dip Yr Toes In, Bud, Biro, Super Rat, Drowsy and No Spare Key.  Cheers Stina  

I make no bones about my extreme love and slobbery kissy feelings I have for the music of Homework.  They tick all the boxes for me and tonights 20 min (ish), 5 track set was, in my humble opinion, the best Ive seen them yet.  Drummer, Rich Kass tells me Sneakys is a special place for them – nice and intimate.  They kicked off last night with 2 never-before-played-live tracks The Edge Of Control Was Black and It’s All Over then ripped through three of my personal favourites All I See, Talk Down and Cairo.  A highlight for me, as a drummer, was the kit for this evening sitting side on to the audience giving drumgeeks like me the oppurtunity to watch Shona from Honeyblood & R Kass Esq’s fancy footwork.


Homework have just announced a slot at Edinburghs Electric Circus supporting the brilliant Cashier No 9, my new favourite Irish band, check out Goldstar or Oh Pity – lots of new favourites in here today !!  Thats on May 2nd so if youre stuggling for something to do in Edinburgh on a Wednesday evening youd do worse than go see these 2 top-notch banderoonies !!  Anyway thats enough shite from me this Saturday evening !!  Im sitting in Bathgate using in-laws internweb connectification and Im in need of a glass of red or 4.  Its been one of those weeks.

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Ive just realised its another busy one coming up – RM Hubbert and Frightened Rabbit in the next 7 days.  DAMN isnt Scottish Music a very healthy wee thing at the moment !!



WELL………..OFF YOU POP THEN……………………………………….. 🙂


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