The Real April Fools Stayed Away

Ive been a right lazy bastard this week.  Its taken me more than a day to finally sit down and do this.  Damn you day job !!

Right, where was I – Oh aye – April Fools day.  Netsounds got floated on the stock market and Hootananny was decorated in the style of 17th Century French bordello and moved to Marseilles especially for the party.  Ok that’s just to set the April Fools theme on this post and is of course all fabricated bullshit. Actually the date was the only thing foolish about tonights thang – well that and the criminally small amount of people who turned out for this 5 bander in Hootananny !!

I was looking forward to Alex Wayt – I was – Id had a tootle about the web and I liked what Id heard.  Partial to a bit of Americana me and I couldn’t help notice  (in a manly way of course)  the flowing locks and beardy bits of Alex sitting with his guitar waiting to go on – he certainly looked the part of the troubadour.  A nice easy opener to this Netsounds Showcase but when he got to “The Journey Song Whose Name Shall Never Be Mentioned” (Don’t Voldemort Believing) which slid nicely into a Bryan Adams cover (that’s right – a medley !) couldn’t help wishing that he’d stuck to his own stuff.  Time to go and climb the stairs and see what’s what up in ‘Hatters where I was met with an empty room apart from barstaff, Netsounds and my learned and eloquent friend Franky ‘Boy’ Finlayson.

Thankfully due to an announcement downstairs after Alex’ set by Mr J Netsounds the bar began to fill and an appreciative gaggle of punters came in just as I Build Collapsible Mountains ( Leith-based singer-songwriter Luke Joyce) began his set.  Thank fook for that cos otherwise his heid would’ve been done in by the amount of photography I’m sure.  There were more of us cutting about with cameras in there on Sunday that I’ve sometimes seen in the pit at the Ironworks for big name acts !!  Thankfully we are all professional and went one at a time  🙂  No Elbows.  A confident set taken from new album, The Spectator & The Act was greeted with generous applause.  Horribly embarrassing audience of three scenario averted !!  Phew ! Incidentally if this is the same Luke Joyce that I’m thinking of then he’s a talented professional photographer and artist who has created artwork for bands like Admiral Fallow .

The Dundee contingent were up next – Id heard them soundcheck while sitting about in the Backstage Enclosure with The Little Millers and the enigmatic Mrs Macaskill, their mentor/press officer/knower of the song titles.  Wasn’t sure if their full-on noise was going to go down in Hoots – more of a Hatters band maybe.  This was obviously the case for a fair few punters who headed upstairs when Vladimir hit the stage for their set.

Those of us who stuck it out were treated to a Joy Division/Jesus & Mary Chain-esque assault on the senses which got better and better as the short set progressed !!  See, it pays to give it a chance.  Their set culminated in singer Ross Murray wrapping himself in mic cable before donning his jacket and leaving the bar while the band finished off.  Intense like – aye INTENSE !!  I followed him out expecting to find an Ian Curtis-type in the throes of some demonic fit but no – nice young lad catching his breath !!  Not everyones slice of cake but the more time I gave them the more I enjoyed the grooves !!

Because of some timing issues Vladimir had overlapped with Esperi (Chris James Marr) so without further ado I bounded – yes bounded, I’m like a fucking gazelle when I get the urge you know – up the stairs again to be met with the sight of Madhatters stage resembling my 6 month old daughters play-mat.  What the fuck is going on ????   Erm, this………..

Espiri – “Made for Life”  ( I think)

I have no words to describe Esperi – only video and pictures.  Ok – I’ll use two words.  Bizarre. Fantastic !! There !!

Without further ado we shall move onto the reason for me being out tonight (apart from supporting the Netsounds Showcase – crawl crawl, asskiss asskiss etc etc).  The Little Mill of Happpiness have new songs to play for you !!  Lavellllly !!  (rubs hands in a cockney geezah style)

Yep stuff from the, hopefully soon to be recorded, album was all sounding superb alongside the EP fodder !!  New tracks Lepers Bell and Post Parentrivovite Blues got an airing tonight and the rest of the set was thus Villa Boas, Hosanna, the brilliant brilliant Article of Faith and Cold Blooded Revelry at Whitson featuring Mr Oberns favourite word Revelry……..hmmmm rings a bell for some reason.  Little Mill failed to disappoint – even if they did who’s gonna tell them.  Theres 6 of them and they’re big buggers.  Incidentally Parentrivovite is a vitamin therapy to aid recovery in alchoholism – so no let up on the happy-go-lucky subject matter from Steve Obern then.  Little Mill Fucking Brilliant.  That would be the headline if I was a Murdoch-style media mogul (we don’t need any more of them round here tho……..).  Rumour has it certain Little Millers slept in for work next day and there were a few sair heeds being nursed.  Job well done then !!

The Little Mill of Happiness 

So to summarise, while I shuffle my papers and chat off camera in a newsreader style, a poor(ish) turn out for a well put together and eclectic showcase gig.   Those that did show were treated to a real treat in a treaty way to say the least !!  Here are some more Little Mill shots to finish off with.  Sorry I took so long – must try harder !!  I’m blaming the snow.  Bastard Snow (possible LMoH album title ?)

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