More Whisky, Vicar ?

……or Return to Strachan Mountain Revisited Back Again Hello 

Here we are at St Patricks Day – still in the throes of nightshifts but Ive accepted my mission to return to the wilderness.  (DUH DUH DUHUHUHUHUH – that was scary music).  The hunt was on to find traces of the native tribe of Whisky River country, especially the fabled Wookie. I had prepared for this excursion by listening to Karma Police , some Neu and Shady Lane by Pavement finishing off the journey with Primus. I knew it could get ugly and sometimes Claypool was a neccessity !!

On arrival at base camp Im greeted with a call from the top of nearby Strachan Mountain – “Hoooooooooooooodeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”  and I can just make out a figure in a beanie atop the peak waving his arms. This initial call was punctuated with the follow up “Its Maaaaaaaaaark“.  Ahaa – Dr Williamson I presume – I didnt know anyone else bonkers enough to climb that bloody hill so the “Its Mark” wasnt neccessary – Id already got my head round that one – hehe  🙂  .

So enough of this shite about wilderness and base camps.  This is Strathsound Studios but for today its Camp Whisky again as the chaps and some close friends congragate to put some finishing touches to the forthcoming album (working title is “What a Great Bloke That Houdi Is” – possibly but probably not)

John “miss out the third line and gimme another verse” Strachan once again at the helm of the Allen & Heath guiding these lost souls to safety via the medium of Sonar Pro. Fuck me Im a bit of a wordy bastard tonight eh – itll fizzle out, it always does ! It was Whisky River Band -1 due to Frasers having proper important stuff to be getting on with – family duties take precedent !! This, I think is the third visit to Johns House of Magic – the second featured Jake Bolt guesting and this time round the red carpet had been rolled out for…….well lets have some introductory material first in the style of peoples poet, Jeremy Clarkson…….

Some say he never blinks, and that he roams around Culloden Woods at night foraging for Stella… some say that he’s terrified of ducks, and that there’s an airport in Russia named after him…others say his skin has the texture of a dolphin’s, and that wherever you are in the world if you tune your radio to 88.4 you can actually hear his thoughts…some say his droppings have been found as far north as Thurso and that he has a full size tattoo of his face, on his face all we know is hes called The Pel.

Yes THE Pel the trained electric guitarist was in attendance this afternoon although not functioning as yet due to the intrusion of daylight. Pel No Function !! Sun !! Pel Smash !! Pel Drink Beer and Wait for Dark !! Pel Noodle on Midi Guitar !! PEL !!

Guest #2 and Pels keeper for the day was Megan Blyth fresh from her resounding success at Market Bar International Arena last night. No stage diving accidents reported and Im told that she actually silenced the Market. High praise if its upstairs bar – cause for ambulances if its downstairs bar. (It was upstairs – quite a feat as the gaff was jampacked for the LMoH/Blyth gig). Megan was here to share vocal duties on the track Running Back Towards the Truth – she silenced the control room !! This album is going to be a blinder – really !!

Kris Douglas even tells me that all of these guest artists were apparently my idea – it seems I suggested this at some point and it snowballed – glad I could help (who knew; people actually listen to me now and again). My bill for creative input shall be with you forthwith – Ill have my people talk to your people and we can all do lunch etc etc hardball powerlunch shoulder pads etc !

Kris & Megan vocalizification – recently Im picking up a lot of techspeak

The tricky vocal shift in progress

So there ye go – Ive fizzled. Time to get the photos on. When I left these lovely gentlemen and lady the beer was flowing (creative juice) and Kris was about to go sort out some more vocal tracks with the Whisky River Band Choral Society – Mark and Andy. Some serious falsetto was threatening to endanger my lens casings so I beat a retreat through the undergrowth and back to my 4 x 4 at the edge of the jungle !! If Im honest I was scared of what the Wookie and The Pel would get up to once the sun had disapeared behind Strachan Mountain.

WRB Choral Society

Its my beer now bugger off

I was in top flippancy mode today and I shall leave you with this quote from me “Even if the album was to turn out to be utter shite then at least they all had a good laugh” Hehehehe – it wont though – mark my words. Cheers to the Whisky River Band and John S for allowing me to arse about when theyre trying to accomplish stuff. It was very nice to see Glenn today and I shall sit down and have a good chat with young Mr Fiddich in the near future 🙂

If you want more sensible info on the album, tracks etc then you can read part one of this post here !!

Check out the WRB online here and their Faecesbook is here

They also tweet

There – my work here is done…………..

(The Pel claims to have made it 9/10ths of the way up the mountain.  This is believed to be a lie however the tucking of strides into socks is not – now THATS rock n roll.  Mind yer ankles)


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