The Return of the Fisherman

(Now bear with me on the title side of things…..)

Probably best known in his previous role fronting local rockers Sneaky Castro (Google it – I dare you), Inverness born singer-songwriter Barry Mackay begins 2012 as a solo artist.  He also likes fishing so Im figuring that him now being solo instead of in a band its kinda like a ‘return’ so to speak so the guy who fishes has come back – you see where Im going with this tenuous blog titling and the nicking of Ian Brown song titles………..

Having spent the last twelve months crafting a set offering a modern twist on classic influences such as The Doors and The Rolling Stones, Barry is gearing up for his debut solo outing as support act to ‘legendary’ (?) Britpop outfit Dodgy at Inverness’s Ironworks on May 10th. Keen to develop his live set and stretch out beyond the Highlands, he’s also recently confirmed a showcase at the Liverpool International Pop Overthrow along with Megan, Jake Bolt and WRB as mentioned in the previous post. Also coming up is a trip over the bridge to play a set at Glachbeg Croft Folk Club on May 18th just before the Liverpool dates on 20th and 21st of May.  Busy times indeed for world class fishcatchingchap (Im unsure of correct technical terms in this field).

Having proved instrumental in the development of a host of local artists, this seasoned songwriter feels the time is right to move into the spotlight under his own steam.  So thats now fishing and train references – try and keep up !

Little Ray of Sunshine

I had a little dance about to that while peeling tatties earlier – yep thats right – Im a 21st century man.  Dancing AND prepping veg – thats multitasking !!

Colin resting recently

Having already seen a strong online response to his solo material, quite rightly,  Barry is scheduled to release his debut later this year.  Close friend and fishing companion,  Colin Fraser (Jyrojets) is in the hotseat for production duties.  Hoping to have some info soon on what Mr Fraser has been up to of late – Ive heard snippets and its quite special  🙂

Ryan Golder long term friend, (Fishermans Friend anyone ?) and former band mate in 11 Mile Drive will be teaming up with Barry for his upcoming Inverness and Liverpool gigs.  Those of you with a keen eye or just eyes to be honest, doesnt neccessarily need to be keen, will recognise Ryan as bassist for local legends The Side as well as gigging solo artist in his own right.

Stop noodling and get em in Ryan

The location for this shot shall remain a secret…..

I had most enjoyable evening this week chasing the lads round Madhatters and The Bothy at Hoots in true Benny Hill style – honest !!  Barry will probably avoid me for the rest of his life and Ryan just looked traumatised by the end of it all – got some good shots done which you can see here and look forward to seeing the live stuff when it happens.  I promise not to make you do any strange stuff in ladies toilets again fellas – honest !  Another couple of pics here.




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