Mr & Mrs Blyth Have a Talented Wee Lassie

Ive been meaning to do this for yonks but my pursuit of World Peace and an end to famine always seemed to get in the way.  Endless visits to the Whitehouse, Downing Street etc etc – where does the time go ?  Anyway, lies and excuses aside, here it is now – finally a bit about yet another talented young lady from the Highlands.  Must be something in the water (whisky preferably).

You should be able to tell two things from the above graphic – 1.  This post is about young Beauly singer/songwriter, Megan Blyth and 2. Her mama is extremely proud of her.  Sorry Maggie – had to be done.  That photo was taken at Black Isle Brewerys Jocktoberfest during Megans set – Maggie was the epitome of a proud parent.  Gary is too but he’s sensible enough to stay out of the way when Im around with the camera  😉

As well as the inaugural Jocktoberfest Megan has also played at the HEN Folk Stage at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, played both the Winter and Summer showcase gigs at the Ironworks and even managed to slip onto the GoNorth lineup. She has also supported Rachel Sermanni, The Staves, Abagail Grey & Karima Francis amongst others. Not content with just playing in and around Inverness; Megan has become a favourite up in Caithness, having played Thurso’s Newmarket Bar, Wick’s Blackstairs Lounge and even managed a couple of songs on the main stage of last years B-Fest.  (pause for breath) .  That was just 2011 – all of this from a lassie who only started gigging early last year.  Next youll be telling me shes started guesting on other artists albums…………crazy talk surely ?  (Megan is due to guest on Whisky River Bands debut recording this very weekend)

2012 started well with Netsounds listing Megan as one of their ’12 for 12′.  High praise indeed  but well deserved.  Ms Blyth then went onto record her debut ep at GRID studios in Dingwall under the watchful eye of Gareth Ince and had the company of Iain McLaughlin and some special guests/friends) and played the inaugural MV Festival in Aviemore.  Megan has also struck up a gigging relationship with The Little Mill of Happiness whom she supported on a few dates up in Caithness and who she supports tonight (16th March) at HQ otherwise known as the Market Bar.


Megan, Marion and Ally

Later this month she will be performing a set at Bar Bloc in Glasgow and has just been confirmed to play this years IPO (International Pop Overthrow) Festival in Liverpool in May, where she will perform a set at the world famous Cavern Club.  Mental eh.  Cant talk about Megan without mention of the legend that is Pel, Paul Elliot, The Outsider – as Pel says it wouldnt matter whether he was involved or not – Megan has the talent and the drive to go the whole hog but I couldnt think of a better guy to be there in the background as she starts her journey !!  Good work fella !

Details of her EP release and special gigs to launch said Extended Player will be released in the not too distant future.

Young Mr Elliot

Heres the website – theres not much on there at the moment but keep checking back.

Get on over to her facebook page and click LIKE – hurry up then……..

More of her music can be found here on Megans soundcloud page.

Not only is Megan a wee talent she is, as we say over in Banff, an affa fine quine ana !!

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2 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs Blyth Have a Talented Wee Lassie

  1. Really looking forward to having her play in hmv in the Eastgate Centre on Thursday the 12th (6.30pm). It always makes a refreshing change to have some live tunes on the go in the shop!

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