Another Scottish ‘Secret’……..

Andrew Howie has been making music for 13 years or so.  At some point during that time I stumbled on him and his music via myspace I think (does anyone remember myspace – best Robert Plant voice on Stairway live version ‘does anyone remember laughter’). I know him better as Calamateur and you need to discover him if you havent already.  During my time inflicting myself upon the airwaves and ethernets at Deveronfm I would trawl the web looking for new, upcoming or downright obscure Scottish artists and Calamateur happened to be one of those who ended up being played on a late night Sunday show.  I forget the track but it was back in 2006.

Now I don’t, as a rule, blog about artists who I havent yet photographed – this is after all supposed to be a photography blog  – but having enjoyed his music on and off  for 6 or 7 years I thought Id do a wee something to celebrate the fact that Andrews new album is on the go.  Bear in mind Im no wordsmith and certainly not a reviewer of recorded works so dont get your hopes up for any Q mag type reviewing here.  Its more about raising awareness of his music and hopefully pointing you in the right direction 🙂

Much of his music was  created up here in the Highlands meaning Im still on track with the whole local scene/Scottish music thang on this here blog.  The latest album, however, The Quiet in the Land was recorded in his new base of operations in Bannockburn.  Regular readers will notice by now that this is  turning out to be a bit of a serious post as Im out of my comfort zone having to try and be sensible.  All I can do here is urge you to listen as the music speaks for itself and is really raaaaaaaaaaather good !! Ill also let Andrew talk for himself by merely giving you the links below.  Head over to the Calamateur website for a potted history, links to music, general info and all you need to know about the past 13 years of music making.

We’re a dab hand here in scotland at keeping musical secrets – Calamateur is yet another !

Retreat (ambient) feat. Jo Mango





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