Up Country with the Whiskys……..

So there I was doing a bit of nature rambling/bird watching out Strathdon way as is my wont of a Saturday afternoon when I hear this driving, funky bass line and thundering drum sound coming from somewhere nearby. I keep tramping on and over the next peak to find the The Whisky River Band.  Theyre recording out at Strathsound Studios and were on a smoke break having a listen to some Rage Against the Machine in the car park.  Oh dear my wit sometimes amazes even me.

Yes, The WRB chaps and all of local Calypso deathmetallers, Darwin were in attendance at the first recording session for the new album out at John Strachans studio in the wilderness.  Fraser Mclean flew in specially from Tenerife taking with him his trademark X-Factor good looks, Kris Douglas had dodged the measles bug (Molly D unfortunately hadnt – get well soon Molly), Andy Davidson was resplendant in his beatles jammies as promised, Iain Duncan was up for a fiddle about and Chris Ronaldson was on top form !!  Special mention to Mr Williamson for being one of the few musicians to ask if he can use my photography before actually using it – happy days. Cracking haircut by the way 🙂

A pleasure to visit cos Im always made welcome out in the back of beyond and once again I have to comment on just what a cool wee place Mr S has out there.  A young engineer wearing a Peppa Pig Tour shirt popped in and out while another young assistant was practicing Abba songs alfresco – Rock and Roll indeed !!  Its a happy working environment.

The same Rock N Roll excess was on display throughout the afternoon from the band themselves – Kris with his toolbox picnic, including the heady mix of mars bar, covonia and budwieser, and Fraser and Mark Williamsons trip to Cannich stores where they found a case of the smallest tins of Tennents in scotland for £14 (and a chicken tikka slice for Mark which looked damned fine).  We now have it on good authority from the staff at said store that Beer or Lager is no longer available in bottles…….go figure…..

The Rock n Roll Toolbox Picnic

First Lieutenant David Bellamy popped in to see wots wot……

The rumour mill is churning them out right left and centre with names being mooted for guest appearances – Madonnas up for xylophone, the guy who tunes Chris Martins piano, Bob Dylan and Harry Redknapp are all possibilities.  (actually theyre not – I do know who but aint saying cos it aint my place to do so………both top local talent and good friends of the Whiskys).  According to Mr Ronaldson the guys are hoping to get 12 songs plus 4 acoustic/unpluggedd versions out of these Strathsound Sessions !!  Cant wait to hear the results – What a Boost and No Regrets were sounding excellent today and lose none of their live punch in the studio !

John does best ‘Rabbit in the Headlights’ Impression

Rest of tracklisting for the time being is as follows Open Your Eyes, Dark Cloud, Dont Think, Live on a Wire, You Missed the Point, Take You There, Running Back Towards the Truth and Feeling Alright.  Whether the bassist and drummer remain with the band is entirely up to Kris Douglas.  His dangerous use of the English language and whether or not he remembers to insert the word ‘the’ in appropriate parts of sentences may get him in trouble yet.  Todays statement “Our rhythm section are the tits” could have ended in a drum and bass walk out.  This could go either way !!

Take note Fraser – only one mention of X factor and no mentions of Matt Cardle (aw fuck, ok one).  Anyway the whole team here at houdidontblog towers, thats me, houdi, Al Donnelly and Wee Nikon wish yer missus all the best with her impending surgery !!

Marky admiring his photo of the Chicken Tikka Slice

Hopefully Ill get myself out for the next session in the near future and fill you in on more developments on things like the mystery guests, album title, whats in Kris’ lunch box and how much Fraser paid for his new hat…….all this and more………..watch some space somewhere…….etc and all that……..


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