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Ok the only thing local or Invernessy about this post is the venue !!  This one is purely for my own inner denim and leather clad teenager.  The mighty Thin Lizzy have come to Inverness Ironworks !!  I first saw them with the late, great Phil Lynott way back when I actually was a mulleted, denim and leather clad teenager in the late 70’s early 80’s – I forget when exactly although I’m fairly sure one of the gigs I attended was Aberdeen Capitol – hazy days indeed !  Also saw Phils solo thing, Grand Slam, at Ritzys in 1984 for which I still have a poster taken off Ritzys wall somewhere.

The latest incarnation of Thin Lizzy features stalwarts Scott Gorham, Brian Downey and Darren Wharton along with Damon Johnson of Alice Coopers band on guitar, bassist Marco Mendoza whos CV includes Ted Nugent and Whitesnake and The Almighty’s Ricky Warwick on vocals and guitar.

Support for tonights date is from Antwerp trio Triggerfinger.  Now I do like a band in a suit and these guys wear a suit well.  Like Masters of Reality meets The Hives these Belgians quickly had the crowds attention.  Good solid rock n roll and I for one would be a happy snapper if they were to grace the Ironworks stage again.

Triggerfinger – All This Dancing Around

Ruben Block

Mario Goossens

Monsieur Paul

Even got a short but very sweet drum solo from the stripey jacketed Mario Goosens.  Ruben Block took a bit of stick about his dapper hairdo from Mr Goosens.  No problems on the hair front for ‘Master of the Sub Harmonic Groove’ Monsieur Paul on bass – bald as a coot but not a coot you’d want to fuck with.

These guys genuinely looked delighted with the audience response – plenty of participation too on songs like the recent single, All this Dancing Around.  They thanked absolutely everyone……twice.  Triggerfinger dress good, play good – real good !!

Drum Solo Time

Full house for Lizzy by the looks of it – Im told that about 830pm there were only 20 or so tickets left.  A struggle to get back to the pit tonight but well worth it for the greatest hits package !!

In no particular order we were treated to Thin Lizzy classics The Cowboy Song, Boys are Back in Town, Jailbreak, Dancing in the Moonlight, Emerald, Still in Love with You, Rosalie, Don’t Believe a Word, Waiting for an Alibi, Do Anything You Want to, Killer on the Loose, Bad Repuation, Black Rose and more.  Scott Gorham looked great and Darren Wharton looked positively ecstatic at the back with a constant grin on his face.  Who wouldnt grin when faced with the Ironworks crowd.  The Barras of the North perhaps – hehe.

Ricky Warwick

Scott Gorham

Damon Johnson & Scott Gorham

After Id gotten over the lack of Phil Lynott I got into it a little more but still couldn’t help feeling that I was watching one of the best tribute acts around who just happened to have 3 members of the original band.  If we’re totally honest theres only one member of the original Thin Lizzy and thats Brian Downey.  All in all a cracking gig but for the pure energy and killer songs Id have to say Triggerfinger were my highlight of the night.

My only ‘complaint‘ tonight, and there’s not a great deal anyone can do about it, is the entrance and bar position in the Ironworks.  Full house this evening meant a lot of people trying to get a beer and hanging around the bar as well as stopping as soon as they’re in the door. I heard a lot of bitching at the entrance about this but I don’t know how you could remedy this other than having door staff punting the punters further into the hall – I dunno !!  Maybe I’m too old/sober for this shit nowadays but I left before the end cos I just couldn’t be arsed with the sardine situation around that area anymore and fancied a beer.  Having said all that it’s another Hats off to the Ironworks shout – another killer gig pulled off with a happy audience and by the looks of it, happy bands.  I was 17 again for a couple hours.  Today I’m 45 again !!

Damon Johnson

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Marco Mendoza

More shots from the gig can be found HERE and HERE


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