Squash with the Stars: #1 in a series of 1

How the hell did “Fancy a chat about the album and tour, James” turn into “Squash ? What an utterly spiffing idea“.  We’ll never fully understand how that process came to fruition but it did and one fateful Wednesday evening (ie about 3 hours ago) I found myself in Inverness Squash and Tennis Club with James Mackenzie, local artist Hew Morrison and Calum Chisholm of the Parmaviolets.  Here we would play squash.  Go figure !!

James did like that wall……

James and I got going on Court #2 – we’re more centre parcs than centre court in the racquet sport stakes.  After our initial warm up we started to get our groove on so I saw this as a good time to begin my questioning.  Bear in mind this was after 10 minutes play so the conversation went something like this………questions and answers are barked between gulps of oxygen as we careen off the 4 walls avoiding each others bats.  Whos stupid fucking idea was this…….James ?

Me: Tour ? James: Aye !!

Me: Lookin forward ? James: Aye !!

Me: Album ? James: Yeah, done !!

Me: Title ? James: Curtain……………………………………………………….Road  !!

At this point both it became impossible to speak so we gave up on both speech and squash for the time being !

Enough with the questions !

Hew and I then batted a few balls around – ooer – and after a while the same style of interview technique was used again……

Me: Art, Painting n stuff ??   Hew:  Aye, website, check it out………..

After this I managed about 10 minutes with Mr Chisholm the Parmaviolets drummer – on the squash court that is.  the only fact that I gleaned from that was that Madhatters is the next gig on Sat 21st – rest of time was spent falling about the court and laughing a lot.  Good craic this squash  !!

Hew tries out James’ wall tactics

James then decided to take on Calum on Court #1 – now Calum can play so this was always going to be interesting.  I took this oppurtunity to ask James some more questions……in quick succession……while he was flying back and forth across the court.  I asked about about the albums producer (Grammy Award winner Steve Orchard whos worked with the likes of Travis and Soundgardens Chris Cornell), his time spent in London recording the album, his choice of shorts for tonights event and why he wasnt wearing his headband as we knew he’d brought it with him. I recieved one two-word  answer to all of these questions as James hammered into the nearest wall.  Im thinking this wasnt the time  🙂

A gentlemanly shake of hands and the evening had come to a close.  Tonight we are happy – tommorow we shall no longer walk properly.  Feel the burn – no pain no gain etc etc !!

James Mackenzie will be touring throughout February and the dates are as follows

Feb. 9th – Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh

Feb. 10th – The Tunnels, Aberdeen

Feb. 11th – Y-Not, Thurso

Feb. 12th – Captains Rest, Glasgow

Feb. 16th – Walkabout, London

Feb. 17th – Milo, Leeds

Feb. 18th – Esquires, Bedford

James is joined on the tour by Irish gents The 1930’s and his acoustic mini-album Curtain Road,  is scheduled for release on February 7.  More info can be found here

Visit Hews website here to find out what he’s up to at the moment – exhibits etc

Parmaviolets play Madhatters Inverness on 21st February with support from The Maydays

James Mackenzie – Cap to Wear

Posh tour poster made by city people – hehe


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