The Ironworks Winter Showcase #1 – Well, that went well…….

The Ironworks Winter Showcase – I joked when it was announced that it kinda looked like it was going to be the Summer Showcase, only colder – how wrong was I .  The Ironworks got a Xmas makeover and added a stage under the balcony so that in the space of 5 hours or so we were treated to 8 bands – bloody marvellous.  The whole back-to-back set was perfect fodder for my wife and I’s first foray back into the land of the living, so to speak, in gigland !  First night out together since the birth of Evie and my wifes favourite band of the last year, Homework, were on the bill – I believe I have mentioned her love for those groovy bastids before !  We knew we would miss Roadway and for that I am truly gutted – I really want to see Ross and his band of merry mother fuckers.  Another time !  We were at at local Italian restaurant trying to work out who else we’d miss and who was on when.  Absolutely delighted when we walked in and caught the last 3 songs of the wonderful Megan Blyths set and while watching got a nice polite wave from the young gentleman who make up The Little Mill of Happiness.  They were congregating on the main stage which could mean only one thing – woop, and indeed, woop – we were sure we’d missed them but no!! – EXCELLENT (best Mr Burns voice) !

After a nice introduction from Mr Macdonald of Netsounds (including a wee nod to this very blog) they were off.  Jamie may have owned that stage during his powerhouse introduction but Little Mill prowled, growled and howled their way round that main stage like it had never been prowled or growled or howled before – these guys get better everytime.  Even Mrs Houdi, who hasnt been sure of Little Mill, had to admit that she was more than impressed !!

Turnaround time again and following Little Mill we had firm favourite, the radiant, Sara Bills & the Hasbeens led by ‘Grampa Boom Boom’ resplendant in his Xmas Sid Vicious T-Shirt.  But wait, whats this….?  A bizarre ‘comedy’ (?) introduction from Toby Micheals where he proceeded to throw shite such as CDs of fuck knows what and boxes of cheesy pasta to members of the audience.  I have no idea what that was all about but someone stood by me who shall remain nameless did mention that if anything hard landed near him Mr Micheals would recieve it back at speed.  On a happier but equally bizarre note Rich Kass of Homework gave me a copy of Kubricks The Shining on DVD – sweet as a nut !

Sara and the Hasbeens were on top form with one or two new songs thrown in for good measure they went down a treat with the locals.  Saras leggings malfunction came to nothing and the set went without a hitch.  🙂

The mainstage then hosted Iain Mclaughlin & the Outsiders.  Iain looked energised, fresh from his Barbados trip and the rest of the band followed suit with a confident swagger.  Dave and Pel were animated – strictly-come-dancing doesnt have a look in when these guys start to shimmy and shake. Russell Montgomery at the back providing the drum power !!  Outsiders were fucking brilliant:  solid as a rock and so they should be now that theyre definite regulars on the main stage !

Next up, and my personal highlight, were Homework who absolutely killed it tonight.  Id hoped that they would have got main-stage but they ended up on stage 2 on the floor.  Good move Ironworks – I doubt if theyd have worked as well on the main.  Needed that intimacy.  Homework are as tight as two ducks arses which have been glued shut – thats right, that fookin tight – and when Rich Kass really starts to cook on those drums I struggle not to soil myself – its just scary !!  A danced up live remix of All I See and the singles Talk Down and Why Oh Why all went down well with the audience.  Quite a few asking me as the set progressed who the hell these guys were.  Showcase doing its job there then – a few more Homework fans in the fold after last night !  As always, for me, Homework were something different and quite simply breathtaking !

Homework cut short……..

Final band of the Showcase were He Slept on 57.  I know very little of the lads but have enjoyed recent videos and tracks what I have heardified on the interweb.  Managed a quick Hiya with singer Stuart and hung around for first couple of songs.  Note to self – catch a full HSo57 gig in the near future.  At this point we said our cheerios to various Ball Deepers, Little Millers, Homeworkers and young Mackenzies before tootling (yes tootling – Im a Dad now – I cant tootle) off home to relieve Dad-in-Law of his babysitting duties !!

First of two Winter Showcases was a resounding success.  Congratulations to the Ironworks and Netsounds for throwing it all together.  Helluva job on the sound on the two stages too !!  All that for only a fiver – if you read this before tonights one (29th Dec) then get your arse along for Frues and Whisky Riverment !!

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