If you wanna get a (stetson)head get a hat – preferably a Stetson..

Vocalist Ali Dooner,  the non-Australian, better looking Angus Young,  Lushrollers Robin Abbot & Willie MacAskill & drummer of many bands Craig Aitkenhead make up Stetsonhead.  Craig Dunain may be dead and gone but in Stetsonhead we continue to have an Inverness Institution !!

Something along the lines of Johnny Cash kicking the shit out of Tom Waits at Captain Beefhearts barbecue while Gram Parsons and Joe Strummer baste the ribs !! Kinda ! Probably whisky involved too…….lots !

Theres not much that I can say about Stetsonhead – you really need to see them live to get them.  Strike that – you really need to see them live in the Market Bar to fully appreciate them. (other local bars are available).  Upstairs at the Market Bar is the spiritual home of many a musician in Inverness and beyond but none fit the stage better than Stetsonhead – Mystic Shoes come a close second – theyd be like the bastard kids of Stetsonhead and a burly punk rocker with disco leanings !

In the blurb on their myspace it simply says  Influences: Alchohol.

Call this your Xmas Eve treat – ladies and gentlemen I give you Stetsonhead !

Dont Touch the Drumkit


Welcome to our Sitting Room

Belladrum Guest Vocalist

Tartan Heart Festival 2011

The Market Bar, Inverness




Stetsonhead & thestevekelly at Belladrum

Stetsonhead on flickr

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Belladrum goes Ballistic

Stetsonhead thru the Hand of Hew (Morrison)


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