The Big World Dance Band Project – Jamming on a Global Scale

“Hey, hey we’re The Dance Band, People say we Dance Band around,
But we’re too busy playing, To put anybody down!”

My old neighbour, Gavin Sutherland, of Sutherland Brothers fame, has pooled an online collaboration spanning the globe to create the track below.  Studios in Scotland, England, Spain, Australia, Morocco, USA, Indonesia and Inverness have been working overtime to get the finished bits and pieces* to Mr S for the final cut – yes Im proud to say that Ive been part of the project, sneaking ‘under the wire’ at the last minute with some percussion recorded in the Kenneth Street Studio Complex in Inverness, Scotland (thatll be the Donnelly Kitchen then).  Hats off to Tesco peppercorns and Sony Soundforge !!  Dont try that at home, kids !

(*technical studio jargon which you are not expected to understand)

I get to percuss with some old friends not seen for ages – Johnny Suds, Big Chris and Gavin himself. I remember Polly Sutherland from when she was a nipper across the road from me in Macduff.  Kate James !!  I used to play your music on my radio show back in the day on DeveronFM.  The mad thing about all this is that we’re nowere near each other at the time !!  I know – mental !  See technology – when it works its the mutts nuts !

An amazing feat by Gavin and you can find the full line up on this here page here………here…….and also here  🙂

Heres the track from Gavins Soundcloud page

From The Darkness Came The Dawn

If somewhere along the road it makes a couple of quid, from somewhere or other, it will be given to Cheetham’s  kids hospital in Stoke-on-Trent.


4 thoughts on “The Big World Dance Band Project – Jamming on a Global Scale

  1. Nice site Houdi and good presentation. I enjoyed having a go, I hope we get to meet again in the mix! That is of course if Gav enjoyed the hassle of getting it together and wants to do it again. Have fun in the kitchen, I’m delegated to a spare bedroom! Cheers

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