No Signs of The Partridge Family – thats a different Cassidy…..

This will be interesting – lets see how far we get into this before I bore of the typing/writing/thinking bit and just start posting the photos and end up with a thatll-be-that scenario – I even took notes on my phone and tried to email myself some stuff about the actual gig  to accompany the pictures.  As per usual though the steam will be run out of very soon.  Im predicting just after the bit about James cos I know nothing of the other two bands 😉

Kassidy at the Ironworks, Inverness

I arrived early doors to find a small crowd milling about the front of house already waiting for Kassidy by the looks of it.  They were treated to a short and very sweet set from a newly solo James Mackenzie – no more Aquascene which James pointed out, telling the punters he was used to having a large band to hide the mistakes.  I didnt hear any mistakes that needed hiding in a set that included the forthcoming single, Cap to Wear, from next years Curtain Road album, Choice Man, The Journey and finished off with ‘a favourite’, The Boat Song.  In between each was James trademark banter – always chirpy, always polite, always humble – these are the traits which endear him to any crowd.

It was nice to see many people turning up early and appreciating James – its so common for most people to turn up in time for the main act but by the end of Boat Song there was a nice wee gathering.  I got a quick blether with James on my way out later on and he was over the moon with the reaction tonight – a real boost !  He reckoned his nerves were down to him loving Kassidy so much – Im assuming he meant the music 🙂 – I didnt notice any nerves !!  Job well done Jimbo !  Extra brownie points for timekeeping.  He texted me to say he’d be on at 745pm and there he was on stage at that very time – refreshing or what !!  Get more info on James upcoming releases and tour details here

On came The Imagineers who I know very little (nothing) about.  Im going to really have to start finding out about these people.  I even had to admit to Henry the Kassidy tour photographer that I’d  little or no idea what to expect as Id never really heard the headliners and knew nothing about them.   What a phenomenon it appears  Ive managed to completely avoid.  After enjoying The Imagineers I had a quick polish of the lenses – ooer –  in the foyer before, literally, fighting my way back to the press pit.  The venue is now officially chock-a-block -stowed-oot-packed-to-the-rafters.  Young and old are waiting to worship at the feet of this crazy little thing called Kassidy.  To be fair to Kassidy theyre bloody good at what they do – crowd in the palm of their hands and all that but they just aint my cup of tea.  Having said that I enjoyed what I saw.  Each to their own as always and they quite obviously have a huge fan-base in the Highlands.  I gave it almost 35 minutes and still hadnt seen the drumkit played – to an erstwhile drummer that was tantamount to sacrilege and I took my leave of the event.  I have to restate the fact that if youre on this page looking for in-depth analysis of the evenings show then youre in the wrong place – enjoy the photos though – Im still wearing stabilisers on the bicycle of creative writing !!



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