The Lush Revelry of a Stetson Shutter

Nahhhhhhhh its not its The Little Mill of Happiness but they could have been called any number of mix ups from the various bands they all feature in but thankfully when it came to naming this one they didnt consult me !!

Legend has it TLMoH was formed in the Market Bar close and consists of members of Shutter, Stetsonhead, The Lushrollers and Lowtide Revelry as well as many many side and main projects that the various members variously are involved in seperately and together from time to time quite often.  Fucksake !!   The insestuous nature of the Highland rock n roll life is most apparent in this 6 piece dark-matter combo. ( No I don’t know what I mean by darkmatter either – it just fits)


Initially you will snigger at the description of  “guitar orchestra” on their website cos its does sound like the sort of overblown, pompous claim lesser bands would make to make them appear more interesting, edgy or a bit different but these guys dont lie – 3 clearly different styles weaving together into a sonic attack that, personally, played havoc with my underwear – YES its that impressive and that powerful !!  Matt Campbell, Pete MacDonald and Willie Macaskill…..I thank you !   🙂

Little Heart of Tartan-ness

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EP Launch

Vocalist Stephen Obern has a voice that would scare milk (Im rather pleased with that description – no reason).  I listened to Drying out Wishbones from the EP in the car on the way home from work tonight and I just know had I been a carton or bottle of milk I would have been terrified beyond belief. Iwould also not have been driving the car as that would not be possible as milk cannot easily obtain a UK driving license (at time of writing). Nope,  its not dairy friendly in any way shape or form.  Yoghurts should also beware !  I suppose what Im trying to say in my own ‘special’ way is that Steve has a voice that needs to be heard to be believed !!

The Drummer

The drummer and I have a mutual friend which we realised over a beer or three one afternoon in the aforementioned Market Bar back in 2003.  If youre reading this Muir Gillespie – you stole Craig Aitkenheads bike in primary 4 – he’d like it back !  There – Im all about the love, happiness and bicycle returning !  Apart from the obvious bike issues Craig  is one helluva drummer and can spik the doric fan he needs til – always handy.  Team him up with Lowtide Revelry/Abagail Greys Ali Brown on bass and you have a bass player and a drummer !  Boom – oh yeah – Im on fire now.  Lorra lorra creative writing happening here although if we’re honest with each other, there isnt, so for that very reason its now time to shut up and allow the visual landscape of photos to wash over you (pretentious ? moi ?).  Keep going down to find out about festive live dates for The Little Mill of Happiness.

Ceol-Mor 2010

The Little Mill of Happiness

Another from the EP launch

The band have recently released their debut EP which is available in their shop .

Upcoming dates are Ironworks Inverness for the Winter Showcase event on 28th December and if youre further North you cant catch them at Newmarket Bar in Thurso on 28th January 2012.  According to Mayan prophecy if you do not go and see them on at least one of these dates you risk the end of the world and a fair portion of armageddon coming round your house to duff you up !!

More photos on my flickr site here

And finally all the latest gossip, scandals and healthy recipes from The Little Mill Of Happiness can be found here

Right – I dont have time to be fannying about on here – Ive got wishbones to dry out for Santa while enduring cold blooded revelry round about whitsun – its not all gardening you know !!


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