Sara & the Box of Woody Whisky from the River and stuff…….


Okely dokely – muuuuuch better frame of mind than last night as far as standing around taking photos.  Executive decision taken and decided to have more than the statutory one unit allowance for driving.  Car left at home – Mystic Shoe booked to drive me there and home (he was going anyway….cheers Fergus) and I had 3 pints of the dark juice of Ireland – lovely.

Woodenbox (they dont do the fivers anymore – the banks took them along with all of our money), Whisky River Band and our wee mummy-to-be Sara Bills opening the show.   Great lineup and the stage setup was on the main floor so Ill get my bitching in now so that its out of the way – whats the deal with the barrier Ironworks ?  I know theres probably a health and safety aspect to deal with but we managed for all but one of the Summer Showcases without it – audience got to see Saras head and shoulders and when I spoke to WRBs Kris Douglas he was worried that their fans might think that theyve gone down to a three piece cos nobody could see Fraser or him over that awful thing.   Fraser Maclean has a new guitar – Who knew ? We could not see it.   Buuuut maybe its just me and nobody but myself and the bands gave a shit about it cos the  crowd certainly had no problem gettin into the bands on show tonight so Ill shut up about it now.

Not only were there the local talent on stage tonight but the audience was peppered with beautiful people – I got new-dad hugs and expletives from Her Ladyship M Scott of the MFR Scotts and Megan Blyth, grins from talented local artist Hew Morrison and dogs abuse from Jamie (its Murrays project really) Netsounds !   This was a fair portion of the punters kicking around the Rockhopper at Bella when Woodenbox (then with their fivers) had a mental wee jam which resulted in a set of photos on my flickr site but little or no memory for Woodenbox singer Ali.  Sign of a damned good festival if you ask me.

Up first was Sara and she stuck true to her own stuff – One The Kid Still Sees always a personal favourite of mine.  No Amy Winehouse covers or Guns of Smithton tonight unless they slipped by me unnoticed – just a serious showcase of Saras songwriting skills.  Full band await her in the Market Bar for an aftershow party/gig of sorts – I however am too old for that late a night nowadays 😦

The Morning After the Night Before – Sara Bills 

Whisky River Band ripped through a set of favourites and new songs alike (spot the guy who’s rubbish with song titles).  Open Up Your Eyes was in there and they finished with King of the Swingers – no monkey stage invasion this time tho……phew !!

Final act of the evening was Woodenbox and this was the one that the place seemed to really fill up and get the dancing feet on for – punters actually made contact with the barrier where I believe some had earlier feared that it was electrified as nobody seemed keen to get anywhere near it.  Now apart from jumping about like an idiot with them at Netsounds/Rockhoppers little shindig at Bella I know very little about Woodenboxes music so expect no set-spoilers from me – couldnt name a track if my life depended on it but I shall tell you this – every ones a beauty and they went down a storm – there !!  Job done – no more pish from me – enjoy the photos !!

Besides the Point – Woodenbox 


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Oh one last thing – ok two 1. Marion yer specs are not as strong as you think or my eyes are worse than I think and 2. Was there any need for that gigantic fucking Goldie poster behind the bands.  Could it not have been moved elsewhere for the evening ?  Reminded me of the Ceol-Mor dart boards – end up in every bloody shot.

So apart from Goldie and the Barrier issues, which are only really issues for me in the photography stakes,  the Ironworks put on a cracking show as usual.  Only wish Id made it up to the Market to hassle Grampa Boom Boom or Ding Dong or whatever hes calling himself these days  🙂


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