I Dont Recognise You and You Appear to be Devoid of Clothing……..

……..you must be the NAKED STRANGERS !  (Its hard work coming up with this shit regularly you know…..)

Bloody hell, crivvens, crikey and what-the-fuck ?!!?!!?!?!  Ive been dicking about with this site since about April and only NOW do I bother my arse to attempt to turn you onto the Naked Strangers – tis a crime I tells ya, brothers and sistaaaaahs !!

So, Naked Strangers it is…………………

Ive thrashed it over all day trying to think what to say about these Ullapoolians and Embraaarers and finally realised that nobody says it better than they do themselves so this comes straight from their myspace….

“Brought together out of the smoking ruins and dismembered limbs of other bands, Naked Strangers have come together to stalk the Highlands with the fearsomeness of their toothy grins. Theirs is an accomplished noise and its echoes are beginning to reverberate in the further and further fields of Scotland. In the past year, they have toured with Mumford and Sons and General Fiasco ; supported Hazey Janes, Our Lunar Activities and Bombscare and they walked away unscathed. During the summer, their songs rocked the tents at Rockness, Belladrum and Loopallu festivals – and in amongst this, good friends, they have even managed to record the EP ‘Concrete Carnival’ – available to all your good selves through this site should you desire a little digital slice of the future. A live ep might also be imminent….. So – come see, come see – there are treats inside and they wriggle deliciously….”

King Grease on Soundcloud

My first experience of Naked Strangers was in Ceol-Mor in May 2010.  No idea what to expect but a drummer dancing and singing along to The Fall pre-set was a pretty good indication it wasnt going to be Coldplay covers !!  Theyre bonkers and brilliant and completely different to pretty much all the other bands Id seen kicking around the pubs for a long time……..turned out to be a proper Marmite night as far as punters went but ended up with a piece in the News of the World courtesy of Paul Campbell and a (staged) fight courtesy of the band and host, Teremy O Connelly.

Cracking night !  A year and a bit later saw them also stuffed into that tiny orange fiasco that was the Sound Shitty Stage at Rockness – they played a blinder as expected.  Bear in mind theres a couple of EPs on the go now – I have one but cant find it (thanks lads) and havent managed to decipher any info on the other one apart from Heeland stalwarts Ince and Dunsmore were involved – use the links and decipher it for yourself, Im all about the photies…….Thank you for paying attention…….as usual I have been lazy !

Bill Hicks & Naked Strangers

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