And Now, Ladies & Gentlemen, Glastonbury in a Kilt

Tartan Heart is a proper Scottish festival  – this is more than just the bluster and T-in-the-Park-with-Loch of Rockness.  This is a weekend with something for everyone  – mums, dads, beer fans, kids, aunties, uncles, grannies and grampas and even the heavily pregnant wives of local photographers  🙂 – its a proper family affair.  Its something special that nobody ever goes to just once !!

Movember came early for these youngsters

Belladrum is Glastonbury with a kilt only cleaner and hopefully some of these photos will go a little way to showing what I mean by that.  As Im typing this Im regretting deciding this would be about the punters – theres so much more to show about Tartan Heart.  Ive a funny feeling therell be another post along soon with some more bits and bobs from Belladrum – in the meantime heres a little bit of what makes it so special year in year out – The People.  NB – some of these people are in fancy dress, some are not – this is not always apparent  – enjoy !

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