An Afternoon with the Galipaygos

What a lovely afternoon !!  Those nice chaps in The Galipaygos and the very talented Mr John Strachan at Strathsound Studio allowed me access to their world of music and technology today.  Yes, music and technology – Christ I was in a frenzied state to say the least !!

The ‘Gals’ are back in fine form with their new line-up and lots and lots of new material !!  Between 10am and 3pm today theyd laid down 8 tracks in Johns studio.  Thats a shitload of music in a short space of time and it all sounds absolutely wonderful.  No drums either meaning a very stripped down sound. Acht in my book The Galipaygos can do no wrong anyway and never have – Ill even forgive them the non-use of drums. Truth is I was half hoping for a wee jam when I got there but had to make do with annoying them via the medium of photography. The result of this session should be an EP and a full album. Gaun yersels chaps !! !!

Johns got a cracking wee setup up at Strathsound – I can see me stalking them now and just hanging about with a camera !! Id recommend it to anyone wanting to do a bit of recording – very chilled but very professional 🙂


The Galipaygos – a set on flickr

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