Partial to the Odd Kapowski

Whats that you say ?  Hip-Hop on a Thursday ?  In Hootannany Inverness ?  Thats crazy talk surely……..?

Erm no – twasnt – and twas good…….in fact twere brilliant !!  Stanley Odd with full supporting cast of local crew, Team Kapowski rocked the joint – it was ‘safe as fuck’ (due to the doormen and fire regulations no doubt – health and safety is paramount as always in our local venues)  –  Im not very ‘down’ with the lingo these days – Im rockin 45 this year for fucks sake but I do my best.  This was one dope evening out with my homeys etc – Ill stop now, its getting embarrassing.  It was, of course, the opening night of Netsounds Unsigneds Halloween weekend 4 day marathon megathon scarefest event…..YEAH BOYEEEEZ!!  Faheen crackeen !!

STANLEY ODD                                           TEAM KAPOWSKI  

Stanley Odd flickr set                                   Team Kapowski flickr set

The Kapowski chaps were excellent – only found out that afternoon that they were locals and 2 of them were from local act from 4 or 5 years ago, Fallow (thanks Amy & Dave, trusty research team/bar staff).  Team Kapowskis selection of samples from Power Rangers to slik R n B for the intro to the Cheryl Cole thang were quality. Their songs are fun, quirky, danceable and they are obviously here to enjoy the gig as much as any punter – good to see in a world of po-facedness !!

Team Kapowski

the authors blue towel from camera bag…..I miss my towel


STANLEY ODD                                           TEAM KAPOWSKI

Stanley Odd, the Mighty Stanley Odd, the utterly brilliant Stanley Odd – are you getting any clues as to what my opinion of the Odd Squad is ? – its no secret, all you need to do is go through the history of posts on this blog.   They were shit-hot even without a bass player for the gig tonight as Adam had been whisked away by alien beings to have his funk probed (probably but not confirmed) so they had to ‘make-do’ with recordings of the whole set done the previous night on the laptop as samples.  Lots of fun and games on the sound front later and a borrow of Dave ‘Outsider’ Ramsays bass amp to whack the bass samples through and we were all set for a night of Hip Hop like never before witnessed on a 27th October 2011 upstairs at Hoots in the Madhatters Sofa Bar……….I am now talking ‘the shite’ so I will now urge you to peruse the photographic evidence of the evenings events from soundcheck to gig !!

T-Lo reclineth

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“KFC or Macdonalds, Micheal ? Neither folks – Im taking you for steak..” caption contest fail

STANLEY ODD                                           TEAM KAPOWSKI


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