The Whiskey Priest (my kinda priest…)

The Whiskey Priest – The Wages of Sin

I dont ever go anywhere near a venue which is guaranteed to have live music on without my trusty Nikon…….until Thursday that is.  Having spent 13 hours at Raigmore Hospital here in Inverness I decided Id have a mini wetting of Evies head and pop along to the Market Bar in Church Steet.  Didnt bother with the camera as its normally Robin & Bills or some other act who, although great, Ive photographed many times before.  Aaaaaaaaaaarhghghghghghg  Im an idiot !!  What do we get instead – the wonderful, wonderful Whiskey Priest, Seth Woods.  Im not going to witter on about him – suffice to say I couldnt think of a better band to listen to while drinking Balvenie with friends celebrating the birth of my daughter, Evie.  Ironworks soundman Alan ‘Dinner’ Mackinnon announced to Seth that Id become a father that morning and he immediately signed a copy of his debut CD, Wave and Cloud, for the wee one and announced to the bar about the new arrival.  Sweet guy, as were his musical companions !! Here is the only photo I took that evening – sadly taken using my crappy phone ! Oh well – lesson learned (hopefully)

TWP on Bandcamp


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